Nov 8, 2010

Marathon Training Rules

Because you can do this...

So on Friday afternoon the husband and I were talking about my long run this weekend, 13 miles. I showed him my route and he was shocked to see how far I was actually going to run. 
Then he asked, "Is there a half marathon going on this weekend?" 
I replied, "Yes, I know someone who is running in it too!"

So Saturday morning instead of my 13 miles I went to the Women's Half Marathon Expo and signed up for Sundays race. :)

The race went great! Not one thing hurt, not even my foot that sometimes likes to bug me! There were even a couple of hills everyone was crying about, but not me, thanks to Sue! She makes us run hills, I have only done them twice with her, but I know that it helped so much. I am so excited for the Iron Girl 10 Mile race this weekend, if only I raced every weekend I would actually look forward to those long runs!

I even set a half marathon PR, 2:09:59!
I finished 54 out of my age group of 130 and 1042 out of 3384! Soooo happy especially since I even had to stop to pee! Next race I am going to remember to use the restroom right before the start!

 Check out the super cute metal, it has a removable charm that you can wear!

If you are interested here is where I ran and all the splits :) My Garmin was right on point with the time. :)

Ohh and look who handed us our metals! Who doesn't love a man in uniform. Especially those Air Force boys!


  1. Yay Mandi!!! That is so awesome. You inspire me to be a better person. I think you are addicted to running girl. It's a good addiction. :)

  2. I LOVE the medal....very cool that you have a charm too!

  3. Yes, I love running! The feeling you get when you are finished is amazing! At first you want to cry then it is all happy from there! :)

    I love you J!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Oh and LOVE your U of A visor!! ;)