Dec 28, 2010

20 Miles - 20 Dollars

This Sunday I had the best 20 mile run of my life! Yes, I know it is the only 20 mile run of my life, but it went wonderfully... and I found $20!!

Training has reached its peak and I am very happy with it all! I am ready to run PF Changs, my first ever full marathon!!! I can't believe the run went so well, but I am very relieved it did.

Can't wait until January 16, 2011!

I love my pink compression socks, I'm not even sore!


  1. That is an AWESOME find!! I can't beieve it! You must be reading my mind. I have been thinking about posting about what I found yesterday, but it's not cash...darn it!

    Love your blog! Thanks for following =D

  2. Thanks for following back!! Love your blog!