Dec 7, 2010

Breaking up, it's easy to do

This past weekend I ran an easy 12 miles.
That's right, I said easy. It is, if you break it up in your head.
And I am super good at breaking up!

I go out 6 miles... and if that is not easy enough I take a short little walking break every 2 miles!

How could you not enjoy running with this view!?
Squaw Peak in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona
I love running this way, it makes me focus only on a short amount of distance and I do not get over whelmed by the mileage I am doing.

I do think that I need to start running in a new place because I know where all the mile markers are now. It is starting to get old fast knowing exactly where I am and how much further I have to go!

On another note, I put my Christmas Tree up! I love the smell of a real tree and so do my cats!
 Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. YAY YOU!!

    YAY on "easy 12". Love that!

    Love Squaw Peak!!


  2. It looks so cozy in there!! Nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas Tree.