Jan 27, 2011

Groupon Rocks

Check out this deal, it is on for the next two days! I just bought it :)


$20 for a Mesquite Canyon Half-Marathon Trail Run... if you are crazy enough you can even upgrade to the marathon or 50K.

I am super excited for a trail run, I have been wanting to do one and now I have a reason to train!
Hope everyone has an aweseom Thursday, it's almost the weekend!!

Jan 24, 2011


I love this picture. 
It rocks.

Happy Monday ya'll! 
Keep on keepin' on. Life is good!

Jan 23, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

Yesterday the husband and I rode to the Military Car Show near our house. I was nice and the bike didn't bother my knee at all! So today I decided to hop on the trainer and try the bike out again.

I can't believe how hard it was! My bum is sore from yesterday but my thighs were the most unhappy with the 10 minute (only one mile) trainer ride! It's amazing how different the bike is. I liked it, I liked it a lot.

This is definitely going to start happening much more; maybe next time I will venture outside.

This little baby kicked my butt today!
Cross training, I promise I am coming!! No more injuries for me, no sir!

Jan 21, 2011

PF Changs Marathon Race Recap

5:00am: Alarm goes off, I stumble out of bed and hop in the shower. Eat my english muffin with peanut butter and banana while drinking some H2O. Do my business (sorry, I had to!). Get dressed

6:15am: Leave the house with my Daddy and Husband.

6:40am: Get dropped off, an hour before start time. IT IS FREEZING & DARK. I brought a sweater to throw out but I was still only in shorts. Not a good idea. Next time I will bring sweats and gloves too.

7:20am: Line up in corral 8 of 9.

7:44am: Cross the start line. Holy cow. I am running a marathon! 26.2 miles to go!! Here is the link to the map.... http://arizona.competitor.com/files/2009/04/AZ-11_coursemap_color1.pdf

Miles 1-5: I am trying to warm up, I was so cold. I Threw my sweater at the start line. Will not do that next time!

Miles 5-10: My knee started hurting around mile 5 pretty bad. But it was still holding its weight well. Other than that these miles were great. I loved running down Missouri Avenue.

Miles 10-14: After mile 10 my knee started losing its strength. I had to tell myself over and over "strong knee."

Miles 14: I stopped at the aid station to get my knee wrapped and took two aspirin. This probably took about 7-10 minutes... if I would have just done this from the start I would have made my goal time. But I am okay with my time. I am.

Miles 14-18: Hardest miles without a doubt. Well, I did have lots of doubts. The lady at the aid station told me if I was limping that I should not continue. Therefore I was not limping! I took way too many walking breaks during these four miles. They hurt, my knee hurt and my house was less than a couple miles away during all of this.

Mile 19: I got to see my Parents and Hubby!! This brighten my run by SO MUCH!! It is amazing how much motivation seeing the family gave me! My mother also came with aspirin! I was in dire need of it. :) Oh yeah, I finally got my GU (I took a few extra for later too).

Miles 20-25: I am a lucky girl now. My friend Tom showed unexpectedly on his bike and rode with me for these last 5 miles. He got me to finally push myself and forget about the pain... which I did! Basically after mile 19 with the aspirin and GU my pain had gone away!! I was running "pain free." Tom was such a great motivator not only to me but everyone around! I told him he should be a motivator or coach because he is good at getting you to believe in yourself!

Miles 25-26.2: My leg got a cramp but no way I was stopping now! I pushed my hardest and finished just over my goal time of 5 hours at 5:03:10!

Not bad for a first marathon. Can't wait for my next!! I will be much more prepared next time, my friends will have to bike with me the entire time!!

Trying to get my hands above my head was no easy task!

Yay! It's over!


Jan 19, 2011

I heart being frugal

I got this in the mail yesterday!

I was so excited when I saw the coupon code to get a FREE 5x7 Photo Book. I knew it would be perfect to record my first year in racing. 

Here is the link to Frugal Girls, I love the website and I love being frugal! http://thefrugalgirls.com/2011/01/kodak-free-photo-book.html

How cute is it!? 
Very cute! I even did different backgrounds for each race. I love it!
All for $1.99 :)

Jan 18, 2011

My first marathon. Done.

I am a Marathoner!

I really wanted to write a great race recap... maybe I will, maybe I won't? But for now here are a few pictures and my Garmin Stats.


26.2 Done!

Just before the sun came up!
It was so cold, but I was pretty excited.

Mile 25 feeling super strong!
My friend Tom rode along with me from mile 20ish-25/26ish.
He saved me from myself.

Almost there!

Jan 12, 2011

A Year Running

A year ago around this time I had just started training for my first race ever, 4.2 miles (I actually never did this race). I was thinking it was the perfect distance and I was so excited to get out and train in our beautiful Arizona winter weather!

Well as fate would have it my best friend was signing up for a half marathon, her partners had all bailed on her (wanting to run it way too fast for a beginner) and now she was going to have to run alone. She begged me to run it with her... so on January 31, 2010 I signed up for my first half. Who knew less than a year later I would be running in my first marathon!? I sure didn't think so!

I am so thankful for my BFF because without her I would not be the runner I am today. June 6, 2010 was the first time either of us had ever ran 13.1 miles! Now, only 7 months later I will be running 26.2 miles. So excited.

Anyways, I have been looking into "Pace Tattoos" so I could keep a gage on where I am and I finally came across something that is free! Thought I would share it with you all!


It's pretty cool! I plan on attaching it to my water belt because I am not putting that darn thing on my wrist have have it chafe me or something! My friend told me yesterday that a girl she knows wore an iPod arm band for the first time for her marathon and by the time she finished she was covered in blood. Her husband thought she had been shot, I do not want my spectators thinking that!

My parents are coming into town for the race! So excited that they will be there with my hubby to support me, I know they will give me something to look forward to while in the "dark place."

Can you see me!? ...I hope not, cause I am not there!
2009 Race Start
Anyways, happy Wednesday... I wish it was Sunday already!! Can you tell I am excited?!

Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is already January of 2011! This next weekend, Sunday the 16th, I will have just completed my first ever 26.2 miles. omg.

PF Changs Marathon, I am ready to rock you!