Apr 29, 2011

Yoga by the pool, on top of the W Hotel

Photo from Lululemon Scottsdale
Lululemon is doing a special free flow yoga at the W Hotel for April & May (Thursdays at 6pm).

It is amazing! I love doing yoga outside... the wind is amazing up there too. You should definitely check it out if you are in the Scottsdale area.
Photo from Lululemon Scottsdale

Photo from Lululemon Scottsdale
Oh did I mention the spa at the W, Bliss, offers free mini massages afterwards too... and the bar... well they offer Happy Hour prices until 9pm for all yogi's! 

Photo from Lululemon Scottsdale

Apr 25, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011 - May 1st


Either way, you are going to see it!

Yep... I am going to be a badass and run through FIRE - MUD - JUNK (in your truck!) - SAND - WATER - HAY and the list goes on.

Check back on May 1st for the official report.

Arizona has my heart.

I love living in Arizona. The scenery is amazingly beautiful, it makes running even more enjoyable! My goal is to do more trail running and take advantage of the beauty AZ has to offer. I can't wait to start running the trails around the city!
Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona
Easter Sunday

Apr 5, 2011

DYI - Dude You're Incredible!

I should have a DIY blog... 

The husband and I have done everything ourselves other than the texture and putting the flooring in. We would have done that but we are on a schedule and we have to get this done :)

That's right... we have made countless trips to the dump (well not countless, I believe 5). Installed all the electrical for recessed lighting, updated the plumbing for both baths and kitchen! 

Tonight we will put a tub in, install the kitchen cabinets and then put in new windows and a new sliding glass door! Not all tonight but the tub and kitchen cabinets should be done tonight :) 

Almost done!! 
Maybe only three more pictures to complete this transformation?? Time will tell :) 

I will do more of these pictures for the baths and bedrooms once they are transforming :)

I love my man... he is such a great DIYer!!