Apr 5, 2011

DYI - Dude You're Incredible!

I should have a DIY blog... 

The husband and I have done everything ourselves other than the texture and putting the flooring in. We would have done that but we are on a schedule and we have to get this done :)

That's right... we have made countless trips to the dump (well not countless, I believe 5). Installed all the electrical for recessed lighting, updated the plumbing for both baths and kitchen! 

Tonight we will put a tub in, install the kitchen cabinets and then put in new windows and a new sliding glass door! Not all tonight but the tub and kitchen cabinets should be done tonight :) 

Almost done!! 
Maybe only three more pictures to complete this transformation?? Time will tell :) 

I will do more of these pictures for the baths and bedrooms once they are transforming :)

I love my man... he is such a great DIYer!!