Jun 8, 2011

Coming up with excuses

Running with friends is amazing. Coming up with excuses not to run with them, well it makes your dreams pretty exciting!

For the past two nights I have been dreaming about excuses not to run... just because my lazy butt didn't want to wake up.
Tuesday morning the ladies and I had planed to leave about 15 minutes earlier than usual. 15 minutes... woooh call the sleep police, I really don't know why I thought that was SO much earlier? I guess seeing 5:15am rather than 5:30am was not to my liking. So of course I dreamt about excuses.

In my dream I was texting the girls and telling them I was ovulating so I couldn't come, which was true and by the way those cramps are not fun at all! But seriously... how weird am I!? What makes me think that is an excuse?! (and btw, I am NOT trying to get preggers)

And last night, it happened again! I dreamt about over sleeping. The girls were calling and texting me but I would not wake up... I could not wake up! But being the great partner I am in real life; I actually woke up. I even woke up and it was 5am! We leave at 6am, heck yes, I didn't miss the run! ")

Who dreams about coming up with excuses not to do something, do you?


  1. Love. This.

    Me. Me. Me.

    Seriously. I'm the best excuse girl ever.

    And girl that photo. Beautiful!!!! Profile picture.
    Holy gorgeous.
    Oh & FYI I cannot comment through blogger only my phone. So weird.

  2. Thanks Emz, it was at a friends wedding so I'm all did up :)

    Why is blogger always being weird? DISLIKE.

  3. :) I love the dream about you ovulating and not being able to run! That's awesome and so something I would do!

    Cherish those runs with the girls... I wish I had a group like that around me to run with! :)

  4. I love my girls, it is so amazing finding a group of women to run with that all live super close. It has made running so much fun!

    Who knew you could have friends that like getting texts at 5am!? :)

  5. Hahahaha, that's an awesome excuse, we should use that more often. Mine aren't as believable, "I wanted to stay home to try to teach Emma how to wave" just doesn't come off as authentic. You're so dedicated you cute thing!! T is proud of D