Jun 6, 2011

I'm going to Jackson...

Watch out Jackson Town! Mandi with an "i" is thinking she needs to do your inaugural marathon September 24th!

As many of you do not know, I used to live near Jackson Hole, WY. Ohhh how I love Jackson Hole!


This weekend I was looking around for a race to do, since we are MOVED in our new condo FINALLY I have spare time, and I like it! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to go to the old stomping grounds, see some friends and family and run another marathon and this one popped up: Jackson Hole Marathon

I have not officially signed up but I am going to. That is why I am blogging about it :) I am super excited to get my mileage up and train hard! This marathon is going to be much better because now I know I can do it and I know I need to prepare more.

This marathon is going to rock! Anyone have suggestions on how to prepare for a marathon in higher altitude? Jackson Hole is 6237 ft. and Phoenix, AZ is 1248ft.

I think I will be making weekend trips to Prescott and Flagstaff for my long runs!

Here are a few beautiful pictures of Jackson Hole, WY.


  1. Woooo whoo!! Jackson Hole in a new pair of Sauconys!! =)

    Those pictures look beautiful!! I bet it would be an amazing marathon!! Too bad I don't think I could make it out to run with you! Either way email me so I can get you hooked up with your new shoes so you can get them broken in and ready to run!!



  2. Yay Jackson!!

    Yay for flagstaff altitude runs!!
    They work!!

    Awesome mandi!!

  3. 5 Miles 2 Empty: Heck yes!! Can't believe I won shoes!! SOOO Excited!

    Emz: I hope these altitude runs don't kill little ole me! :)

  4. Wow... looks gorgeous! Wish I had some tips for the altitude training! :)