Jun 27, 2011

Remember, girls just wanna have fun!

Sometimes when a long run goes bad we need remind ourselves why we run.

I run for FUN.
I run to push myself.
I run to sweat.
I run to keep in shape.
I run to better my mood.

None of the reasons above say I run to get paid! Even though it would be nice, who is going to pay a 5:03 marathoner!? You? Okay, contact me NOW. =D

So this weekend I had 14 miles on the schedule. This was the first really long run that our little running group had planed. I ended up walking the last couple miles, it was 96*, my feet were not having it. Earlier this week I went to the Britney Spears (don't judge) concert and decided to wear heals... me standing in heals for 4+ hours = dead feet. So I paid for it on this run, only made it 13 miles but like I said, I do this for fun!

Why do you run? Are you too hard on yourself sometimes? I am sure you are doing great so lighten up a bit and remember why you run. :)

Have a great week friends!

I am the 2nd one from the left... those wedges did the damage that night!


  1. I do not run because I don't like throwing up, but you are sure as hell cute!

  2. You don't like throwing up!? Weirdo!

    We all have our thing... like when I sing I make people throw up! ;-)

  3. This weekend was a humbling reminder to have fun! PS the shoes are cute - every once in a while its okay to do a little damage for hotness :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog Mandi! You and your friends are gorgeous! :)

  5. Ha!!! I love your blog header! That is a great find!!! The best I've found is a multi-tool thing-a-ma-jig.

    Thanks for all the reminders. :)

    And THANKS for the tip on Oriental trading!!

  6. Amy: Yeah, this weekend was put in the books to make other runs seem amazing! Those shoes are cute but I like the balls of my feet better! ;-)

    Em: Thanks for stopping by mine too! & Thank you for the complement :D

    STR: Thanks, I was soo excited and still am even though that happened last year! $20 on my 20 mile run = meant to be! :) I love oriental trading for fun holiday stuff!

  7. Girl I love you!!! And someone should pay you. Either for running or just being such a cutie. (by the way, i love when you sing, especially while were dancing)

  8. Missy T I love you! And someone SHOULD pay me to run. WTF!? ;)

    Thanks for loving my singing. I miss your mad guitar skills, it always drowns my voice out just right! :)

  9. My feet hurt for a week after Vegas! Remembering now why I don't wear those shoes often... :)

    I'm joining the blogosphere. After reading all these great blogs by running women for a year, I decided to be a voice for the slow chicks... :)

  10. Welcome to blogging kmd2002 & thanks for stopping by!

    We all have our pace and I am happy to know not everyone thinks they have to be fast to blog... because that is not true at all!