Jul 22, 2011

Q & A

Mandi with an "i"

I've been tagged by the one and only Emz

She is awesome. Super awesome. I like eating with her... first a burrito on her 24 hour TM run then just a casual lunch with her & the Peanut (which by the way has mad photography skills, thanks Peanut).

Anyways, back to the post... the title explains it.
You ask me questions. I answer. Simple.

I am going to tag...
My name is Sue, how do you do? Now you gonna die! (I heart Johnny Cash)
Anna, because I am sure you guys need some beef lovin' in your life asap.
And my blogger friend over at The Rocky Mountain Tortoise

Ask away mates! I am excited to hear what you would like to know about me :)

Have a great & safe weekend everyone!


  1. I'll start!
    Is Mandi your given name or short for Amanda?
    What is your favorite breakfast?
    What is on your ipod lately for runs?

  2. What is your favorite movie?
    Do you like your new shoes?
    Are you having fun with social media?

  3. What do you eat/drink before a long run?

    Can I have your legs?

  4. Who is your favorite Sister?
    Where is your ultimate dream place to travel?
    Are you going to do the Jackson Hole Marathon?

  5. I've got one for ya! When are we ever going to hang out again?? I miss your face!

  6. Also, what is your favorite scent??

  7. If you were a reptile what kind would you be?

  8. When are we going to run together again?
    When's our next lunch date?
    How long were you engaged?
    Big wedding?
    Can we go see brittney spears together soon? ;)