Jul 12, 2011

Running & Coffee: it's what we do

This morning Sue (you should follow her, she is new to the blog world) and I headed out on a run... since the other Cholla Girls (yes we named our little running group) ditched us we decided that we didn't want to run for too long so we did a fast 3.5 miles. Boy are we getting fast... 8:37 was our average pace with a little bit of walking! 

We freakin' rocked it!
Fast runs rock, they push you. I need to be pushed... often in fact.

Sue sportin' H2O and Coffee... it's our after morning run ritual 

What does it take to push you? Friends, coaches, upcoming races, or maybe just some boys/girls watching you?

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  1. My friends in my running group push me. I need it.

  2. Being pushed is good, as long as it's not down a flight of stairs!-Ryan

  3. @Chris Running groups are the best!! Love mine!!

    @Ryan Who said you are allowed to read my blog!?! Yes, being pushed down stairs is usually not a good thing, thanks for clearing that one up for me... Now where's my beer. :-)

  4. Woah! 8:37? PS I didn't ditch it was Crossfit Tuesday and I almost threw up, does that count? Cholla Chicks ROCK. wow.

  5. Oh Amy, no throwing up!!! I know you didn't ditch us, it just seems lonely without 4+ girls all the time!