Jul 27, 2011

You asked. I answer! =D

Is Mandi your given name or short for Amanda? The name is Mandi, Mandi with an "i"

What is your favorite breakfast? I love me some scrambled eggs in a tortilla! :-D

What is on your ipod lately for runs? iPod... yes, I have one but I usually leave it at home. I run with a bunch of friends on most every run so we chat the whole time. But if I were to listen to it I would probably use one of Racing Dawn's music uploads :)

What is your favorite movie? Gone with the Wind

Do you like your new shoes? These Shoes...  I LOVE my new Saucony Xodus 2.0.  

Are you having fun with social media? Everyday!


What do you eat/drink before a long run? I usually will have a piece of toast with peanut butter & bananas on top...yummy!

Can I have your legs? I think I might need them for my next run!

My favorite Sister & I

Who is your favorite Sister? JAIME!

Where is your ultimate dream place to travel? Spain!

Are you going to do the Jackson Hole Marathon? I really, REALLY, really want to... probably not though ;-(

I've got one for ya! When are we ever going to hang out again?? I miss your face! ASAP. Now, tomorrow, yesterday!?

Also, what is your favorite scent?? Put the lime in the Coke you nut! !Coconut!

If you were a reptile what kind would you be? Uggh, I am NOT a fan of reptiles... maybe one of these? He looks cute. :) 

When are we going to run together again? Ohh, Emz I would LOVE to run with you anytime... especially on TM's then you can go super duper fast and I won't have to kill myself or slow you down ;-)

When's our next lunch date? Soon!? I would love to make it a regular thing!

How long were you engaged? Umm... maybe three months? We met in April got married in September. Don't mess around when you get a good man. :-)

Big wedding? Nope, super small. Just close family on a cruise ship. We were married by the Captain while sailing the Caribbean Seas, it was amazing.

Can we go see brittney spears together soon? Would love to see her again with YOU! As long as you don't mind lip singing and robot arm swinging that is called "dancing" by the one and only, it's Brittney B****!


  1. WHat better way to be introduced to your blog then come when you are writing a tell-all post about your favorite pre-race fuel.

    Look forward to following your adventures. Rock on!

  2. Yay for pre-race fuel and other random facts!

    Thanks for checking out the blog Mark!

  3. I LOVE your shoes!!

  4. Thanks, the shoes are pretty great and I WON THEM! Makes them even better :D

  5. I love this!!!! How funny that we touched on so many of these subjects today.