Aug 24, 2011

I love my family.

Recently I went up to Utah & Idaho to see my family. I love them so much and I miss living super close!
I flew into SLC Saturday morning and my sister drove me and her kids up to Pocatello, Idaho to stay with my parents for a couple of days. The plan was to go to Yellowstone on Sunday and relax a little on Monday and drive back to SLC to stay with my sister one night then back home for me. 
Sunday morning around 5am in Pocatello, ID I woke up for my 2 hour run. My Daddy heard me shuffling around and came out... he asked me how far, I said I am going to just go out for 2 hours and see where that takes me. My Dad is a little protective of me so he opted to follow me in his truck, he did this because I didn't know North from South! Ooops, I get confused!! He is the best ever. Sooo sweet. :-)
The run was one of the BEST RUNS EVER. I loved having my Dad right next to me, we would talk a little then he let me go ahead... it was super peaceful. We even got to see a meteor shower! It was pretty awesome!! I got in 11 miles before I got home around 7 and then we took off to Yellowstone National Park!

Just before Sunrise the moon was nice and bright in Pocatello, ID

Here are a few pictures from Yellowstone...
My parents miss me... can you tell?!
My Mommy and I with the lily pads!

Best Daddy ever, seriously, he woke up at 5am and drove behind me while I was running in the dark. 
Kaden (nephew) and I looking at the elk in the meadow
So happy my Grandma was up there too! I love her!
I knew a few weeks back when the one and only EMZ posted about Peanut and her friend having ice cream sundays without bowls or using their hands I HAD TO DO THIS WITH MY NIECES.

So I hosted my sisters Baby Shower Ice Cream Sunday. We. Had. A. Blast. Thanks EMZ!!

My sister and I having our Bowless & Handless Ice Cream Sundays

Bowless & Handless Ice Cream Sundays


  1. Sooooooo made my day.
    I love that your dad followed behind you! Dad's rock. Something about the dad/daughter relationship that is unlike any other.
    Soooo awesome!!

    I think you have a little ice cream up your nose. ;]

  2. Emz, you are awesome! My two younger nieces both said they can't wait until their birthday when they can do it again! :-D

    I had ice cream all up in everything... this was just the beginning... towards the end no one was allowed to touch the camera!! :-)

  3. aww so fun! i love those moments with parents that just make us realize all over how lucky we are

  4. Love that your dad followed you in the truck! Good daddy/daughter moment!! So sweet.

    I went for a run when I went home to visit family and ended up on a street I thought was near my Grandma so I called my mom just to ask if I was near, my Grandma got all freaked out and they made me stand next to a Donut shop while they came to "rescue" me even though I WASN'T LOST - I knew how to get back to the hotel. *sigh* Cousins made fun of me the whole trip. Good times!!

  5. Aimswa, that is awesome!! I think it is so cute that family still treats us like children sometimes!! :-D

  6. how sweet is your dad? :) Too cute! Glad that you had a great visit!