Aug 8, 2011

I love training!

So last weeks little "bike fall" left me hurting and not able to walk very well... therefore running was not happening. 

Tuesday night I got dressed to run and walked down the stairs but had to turn around because I knew my leg hurt too much to run. Right then I decided I need more cross training in my life ASAP. 

Therefore my new plan...

I love training plans, I usually use them as a guide not a strict plan. 
I love direction. I need direction. But I like to do my own thang. 

The two "yellow" races are not official, they are on the radar but probably not happening since the Hubby and I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan... a girl can dream though, right!? :-D

Hope everyone has a great week, I can't believe it is already August!!

How do you do with training plans? Do you follow them to a T or do you use them as a guideline?


  1. I only do well WITH a plan. the only reasons that make me change something are illness (me or the boys) or parenting duties.

  2. Great plan Mandi! Keep up the good work!