Aug 23, 2011

I'm about to break?

I am learning, slowly, how to say when enough is enough.

Why is it so hard to realize when your body needs a break or when your mind needs the break? Both are important, and I need to remember the mind needs breaks and that is a-okay.

Recently I have been doing all my runs with my friends the, Cholla Chicks. I love running with my friends; running with them has turned into a social happy hour every morning. Who doesn't want that!? Well, usually I want this but this week I am taking a break, some sort of mental break. 

I have to admit that I miss my quite runs where all I think about is my breath and the rhythm of my footsteps. I miss my early mornings filled with stretching, cleaning, petting my kitties, cooking breakfast, making lunches and just relaxing. The mornings were my time and I am now realizing how important they are to me.

I am scaling back on running with friends everyday because I have finally realized what I have been missing so much in my day. Mandi time! Running with the Cholla Chicks is awesome and inspiring but sometimes you need that time alone to appreciate everyone.

When do you get your time? Do you like waking up extra early to get it or do you stay up late?

Cholla Chicks: I love you girls and love running with you! I promise to get my act together and when I am back up and running (mentally) I plan to run with you all about 3 times a week, which is most of my runs!! :-)

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  1. They say you can only be good to others when you're first good to yourself ... or something like that! It's good to recognize your limits and also to remember WHY you run to want to continue the sometimes miserable hot miles out there. I love our time together but APPLAUD you for listening to yourself and taking action. That's one of the many things that make you so awesome. We're here - we're always here. :)