Aug 2, 2011

Lap swim & mountain bike ride

That's right. Mandi Runs is now trying to swim and bike!

The swimming went well considering I have not been in a pool to "swim" for at least 15 years... Lap swimming is FUN but I need to learn how to breath. Hopefully next time I will do much better!

After swimming my friends G & S took me out to Papago Park and we mountain biked! I loved it!! I was doing great and then towards the end I lost my back wheel in some gravel and went down! Oops!!

That's right! Check out the blood!! 

All and all, I LOVED swimming and biking! Can't wait to do more of it.

This morning I woke up and my leg has a few bruises and elbow hurts but you know what... I LIKE IT :-D

Can you give me tips on how to breath and swim at the same time?

How did your first time off road Mtn Biking go? Is this whole falling thing going to happen regularly!? 


  1. Lmk if you find out the secret to breathing & swimming at the same time. I. Need. To. Know. Too!

    Love the sweet bike & the breaking it in blood.
    You rock. Literally.

  2. I skinned my knee in Crossfit today but its not nearly as impressive! Sweet ride! Do I need to quit my job to keep up with you ladies?? Can someone start working on getting me a sugar daddy, STAT?

    You make me want to do MORE and that's a good thing ... I think :)

  3. Emz, I was watching the Olympic swimming on TV this weekend and I don't understand how they breathe! It is a mystery to me...

    Aimswa darn crossfit!! I think you do more than all of us now anyways, you rock the fitness!

  4. I still want a Sugar Daddy, FYI ... or better yet, a winning lottery ticket so I can SHARE.

  5. Mandi, have faith. I could not swim 50 yards without stopping when I started training for this thing called triathlon five years ago. If you told me I would be swimming 2.4 miles three years later on my way to my first iron distance finish, I would have said you were crazy.

    Keep rocking it.

    Oh, here is the good news: USAT allows snorkels in races! REALLY! Tell EMZ I have discovered the secret to swimming and breathing!

  6. Thanks Mark! ...Snorkels!? But then you can't place, right? I plan on placing brotha! ;-)

  7. Swimming takes time and practice... it'll come! Have you ever heard of Total Immersion swimming? It's a video that teaches you the basics and it was a life saver for my hubby and I when we started. Good luck!

    The blood and bruises just show us all how bad ass you are! :)

  8. I am going to have to check out Total Immersion Swimming! Thanks for the tip :)