Aug 17, 2011

Team Refuel... with CHOCOLATE MILK?!

Browsing the web for any amount of time will lead you to some crazy adventures. This is one of them I happen to run into but I think it could lead to a pretty cool turn out! I have been looking into ways to get some help so I could do more races throughout the year without breaking the budget...

Vote for Mandi Nilsen
Team Refuel with Chocolate Milk is something that I was drawn to because I love me some chocolate milk after my runs!

When I first started running my friend, UltraTG, told me this was one of this favorite drinks after his runs. So I gave it a try... and loved it! I have to admit I feel like a child every time I make some and it is awesome! I even started ordering it at restaurants; I'm pretty sure Texas Road House has some yummy magic chocolate milk! 

So anyways, I applied to win one of the five individual grants they are giving out each month and I am in the finals! All you have to do is vote... each day... until September 15. CRAZY, I know. It is a LONG TIME. BUT I will receive $250 and this would able me to sign up for my first Sprint Triathlon and another marathon/half marathon!! And who doesn't want to do more races?!?

I know EVERYONE, including me, has better things to do but if you happen to remember, VOTE!

Help me by voting for me each day to receive a Chocolate Milk Refuel Grant:

You guys rock!!


  1. That is great Mandi! Hope you win! And if they do this every month-- I'm applying next month (or a month in the near future)! I will be voting for you! You deserve it!

  2. I voted for you!!! Took a few clicks and typing a name to find you, but not too hard :) ! Best wishes!!

  3. Raina: They did NOT make it easy to vote for someone! Thank you for taking the time to do so! :-)

  4. Just voted..

    I love chocolate milk as a recovery drink. Yesterday, I had two glasses after my two hour run.