Sep 16, 2011

Bursting with Del Sol Happiness

I will be doing another Ragnar Del Sol.
February 2012... 
but this time I am going ULTRA BIG

Yep, I am doing an ULTRA!!!

I have to say I never thought I would be excited about running 37 miles...


I have to admit I probably have the most bad ass team too. I am a lucky lady to have such great friends who love to do the crazy things that I do!

EMZ - 13.8 / 11.7 / 13.1 = 38.6
Sue Bug - 12.2 / 12.1 / 12.7 = 37
Me, Mandi with an "i" - 13.3 / 13.1 / 10.6 = 37
Emily - 8.9 / 9.4 / 6.7 = 25
Aimsaw - 13.6 / 7.7 / 8.9 = 30.2
Runner 6 ??? - 14.5 / 7.1 / 11.2 = 32.8

First team meeting/happy hour will be this upcoming week. Cannot wait to get together and  have all these ladies meet! We are going to have a blast!

Is it February yet? 

Ps... Thank you EVERYONE who voted for me to get the Chocolate Milk Refuel Grant, I was not one of the 5 finalist but I had fun trying! 


  1. How cool! I am making plans to do a Ragnar...but an Ultra? Amazing!

  2. Awesome! I didn't know you could field six person teams? Thought it was all 12-person. Anyhow, you guys will have the best time!

  3. How fun! I am jealous, I don't think there are any Ragnars close by me, I am going to have to look it up. 37 miles is pretty hardcore, you go girl!

  4. Vanessa: You so had to do Ragnar, it is SO FUN!

    MissZippy: Last year I noticed a few "ultra girls" so I thought to myself I need to do that! Turns out you can have anywhere from 4-12 people!

    Christy: You should try to find a relay somewhere and hook up with some bloggers so or something. The relay is such a fun experience!

  5. Oh Katy, you are too kind! I am just a little crazy!

  6. Fun, fun, fun!! Love the team logo! Excited too!

  7. Aimswa, you & I need to come up with a sweet logo, I just threw this together cause I NEEDED to blog about it! :-)

  8. LOL. Yours works but maybe the *I need to finish it* Cholla Chicks sneaker with the Ragnar symbol on the shoe?? I might post the logo to my Facebook tonight and see if any of my talented illustrator friends want to step and make it as cool as I envision!

  9. It will be a blast! I am a huge Ragnar fan and am doing Wasatch Back as an ultra in June. Can't wait!! :)

  10. Supermom Wasatch Back ultra will be awesome! Ragnars are so much fun, I love how chill and goofy they are! Good luck in June & congrats on that BQ & PR!!