Sep 26, 2011

The Grid

my new best friend

Rolling out your muscles is SOOO good for you. It hurts, but it hurts good... maybe!?

When you roll those muscles out it is just like a deep tissue or sports massage. It relieves tension, breaks down the scar tissue and releases lactic acid buildup. HECK YES!!

When I first found out that my IT Band was what was hurting my knee I went to TJ Maxx and bought a foam roller there (did you know that they have so much athletic stuff?). 

Recently the TJ Maxx Roller has really DIED on me. The shape is no longer a cylinder more of a flat top circle... not good but I guess you get your moneys worth? The foam roller was only $10 bucks and it did work! 

So I was at TRIBE the other day I decided it would be a smart investment to buy The Grid. It is $40 but it is suppose to never die on you. I like that, since my cheap one only lasted about 6 months!

 This guy is heaven for my muscles. I suggest you get one asap. :-)


Last week we had our first 
Ultra Ragnar Del Sol team Cholla Chicks meet up, we were still missing our 6th runner but we were excited to get together and meet! 

You want to know what I learned?

I can tell that we are gonna be friends...
I love the White Stripes, why did they have break up!?

Then this happened Friday night...

                                                                             Yes... there is a tiny dog in that bun! 

Yep, the DBacks game! 

They are now the NL West Champs!

 Not only did the DBacks win but I remembered that my friend Christy is a runner!! Which means I convinced her that she needed to be our 6th runner for Ragnar Del Sol! It is funny how people pop into our lives and we forgot all the things we have in common! Christy is a runner, A fast runner! So excited to have Christy as runner 6th for Ragnar Del Sol 2012!!!

Welcome to team Cholla Chicks Christy!! We are complete =D


  1. I am going to buy a grid as soon as my cheap foam one dies. They look so cool!

  2. I have been wanting to get a foam roller for a while now...looks like that one will kick butt...does it come with instructions?

  3. If you go to their website they have some instructions... there are TONS of YouTube videos on Foam Rolling too :-)

  4. They also have black ones... those are more dense so you would get a deeper roll.

    I love mine so much, such a difference from the cheap one I had first!

  5. I have one of the black ones and it is the perfect size for travelling. I love it!

  6. It is now on my amazon wish list! Once I get paid I will prolly be getting one...I am excited.

    I checked out other foam rollers and for the price you seem to be getting a better deal with the grid, just from what I see and read. Plus the free shipping is nice!

  7. oh my heaven! i need The Grid right now. I have such sore muscles at the moment. this just looks like perfection!! yay!
    xo TJ

  8. i have a foam roller, but have really wondered if this would be even better. I'm sure my hubs would love it if I brought home another thing to roll around the living room on :)

  9. oh hey just saw you are running Miami! I am running it with Gourmet Runner it would be so fun to meet up!

  10. Amanda: Yes I am running Miami, I would love to meet up with you!! :)