Nov 9, 2011

Hundred Up Challenge accepted.

Check out this article in the NY Times & watch the video HERE

I don't know if this will actually make me never run wrong again...
 but I do know that balance & stability are some of my weaknesses 
and they are more than likely why I suffer from shin splints. 

Therefore I am taking the 30 day 100 Up Challenge! :-)

Seems simple enough, do 100 leg ups for 30 days?! 
Wooh, I am already tired. Tired, but excited to grow stronger!

Since I ran a half marathon on Sunday & I am running another half on December 11th I have decided to have that be my comparison, it is a little more than 30 days but I am a rebel like that! :-)

What is the 100-Up Running Challenge

It’s simple, really. No matter where you are in your running abilities and no matter what your current training protocol is, the 100-Up Challenge requires you commit to the following:

1. Establish a benchmark for your current running abilities — write down your last run’s time. Write down how you felt running it. Get it all onto paper in as much detail as you can manage. Did anything ache? How did your stride feel? Any problems you encountered? Commit that run to paper!

2. Learn about W.G. George’s 100-Up drill and start practicing! — mind that you might not be able to do the preliminary version of the 100-Up perfect the first time, or maybe even the fifteenth time, but attempt the drill as often as you can, so long as each attempt strives for perfect practice (And not just getting it over with). Feel free to continue on running your normal mileage if you like, or take a break and focus on the drill. Do the drill! That’s the whole point of the challenge, and being able to determine if the 100-Up works or not completely depends on following George’s instructions as best you can and practice, practice, practice (perfectly!)!

3. Run that same distance as in step 1. above 30 days later — now you get to see how you did. How’d it feel? Faster? Slower? Less aches and pains? What happened, if anything?

4. Now report back on the whole experiment.

What’s the point? Well, the point is to see if the 100-Up actually makes you a better runner or not. And if it doesn’t make you a better runner, well at least you’ll have learned a new exercise and perhaps attained a bit of practice in the art of meditation.

Are you UP for the 100 UP CHALLENGE!?
If so go to the 100-Up Challenge website & get your name on the participant list! 

I am interested on seeing how this whole challenge turns out! :)



  1. It will be interesting to see what your results are. I want to add 100-ups as a drill, but want to wait until the end of my marathon season before I start switching things up.

  2. Yeah, I am excited. This is pretty simple & I like that :-)

  3. You mentioned you're taking some time off blogging but I wonder if the 100up challenge helped with todays marathon?