Nov 28, 2011

Thankful for...

I had a great Thanksgiving extra long weekend! 
I love long weekends... but the holidays are rough. 
Late Nights.
Lots of FOOD.
Too much dessert.
Not enough energy for runs... need to work on that one! 

But all in all I was more than happy to spend the four day weekend with family & friends. 
I love them sooo much & I am one lucky girl to have such great friends! 

I am thankful for...
Homemade rolls... thanks PW!

Getting to watch ASU lose! :-D 

Getting to watch ASU lose with friends...

And family.

Ice cold pools after long runs... who wants to carry ice to the tub? Not me!

Pickle Juice from my U of A mug.
Here is a list of my EXCITING weekend fun since I do not always take pictures... 
I know, I know bad blogger!

 * Made test batch of rolls
* Country Music night at Martini Ranch
 * Made more rolls, but not the same as test batch -- 
should have stuck with the ones that came out good the first time, oops lesson learned.
* Thanksgiving Dinner with Hubby's family
* A little pre-game shopping at Michaels 
*Movie Night with friends
* Midnight shopping until 2:30am!
* Cleaned the casa & put up Christmas Decorations 
* ASU Football Game
* 12 mile run
* Thanksgiving Left Overs party with friends
* Shooting in the desert with friends

What did you do this weekend, I hope you got to relax and enjoy time with family & friends?

And hopefully you squeezed in a few more runs than I did!!


  1. Hmm, I did not squeeze in any runs :) But I did enjoy Turkey day with family and went shooting in the desert too!

  2. I have never met someone thankful to watch someone else lose... well, maybe I have, but they would never admit it!

    Oddly enough, we have both ran in Idaho!

  3. Haha, Mark I went to the rival school, U of A, so I had no choice but to be just a little bit happy! :)

    I used to live in ID... too cold for me!!

  4. Yeah! The party made the blog!