Nov 4, 2011

Where I Blog. When I Blog.

I have two official blogging spots
Couches at home.
Desk at work.

I usually blog during my "lunch" break or whenever I am slow at work & if I am busy I will wait until I get home so I get to stretch out of these lovely couches... 

See, my Halloween Mummy Piggy!?! ... probably time for him to come down now. *sad face*

Where do you blog when you blog? Leave a link to your post below!

Got this "challenge" from Ms. @MilePosts


  1. Yay Mandi! I'm following you! Good luck in the Half tomorrow!!! They were all sold out of those pink sparkles arm warmers today at the expo! But I DID pick up a very cool Bondi band and hot pink arm warmers! OH DANG! :) Check out my blog