Jan 10, 2012

Rainbows, Bridges & Rain. A Miami Beach Half Marathon Review

Went down to the Miami Beach Half Marathon Expo on Saturday & ran into a guy who had Coconut Water for sale... from actual coconuts!! HECK YES!

Picked up the packet...

And wondered into...

None other than the Beer Garden with my girl Lauren!!

Then off to hit up a few stores on Miami Beach... 
Did you know these stores stay open super duper late... like 11pm!
Okay so by shopping I mean letting K take pictures of me =D 

I stayed the night with my girl Lauren & her hubs J. 
We stayed on South Beach... not a good idea, but who knew that!?!
We went to "bed" around 10ish and probably didn't get to sleep until 3 or 4 AM. 
Yes, 3 or 4am. 
These Miami Beach people KNOW how to PARTY.
Ugghh. But thankfully I woke up and felt pretty good.

Like the photo bomb guy? I would LOVE to know who this is!!

Trying to show my muscular  arms... but I need to remember I do NOT have them.

It was an AWESOME Course! 
I saw a double rainbow.
I ran up 3 bridges.
On the last bridge, about mile 9ish it was POURING down rain. 
Could not even see... It was freaking awesome!!
It was basically the first time I had EVER ran in the rain & I loved every minute of it!! 
Thankfully it only rained on that ONE bridge so after that it stopped and I was nice and cool.
Then around mile 11 I HAD TO PEE. 
I did not stop, I should have stopped.
If I would have stopped my time would have been under 2 hours again.
BUT I didn't want to stop.
Then I had to stop & walk a lot because I had to pee or I was going to pee my pants.
There were NO port-a-potties.

I made it to the end in 2:02:17.
Grabbed my metal.
Ran into the medial tent and used their port-a-potties. 

Then, the real treat... PITBULL

BEST after concert ever... on the beach to latino musica!

We partied hard!! Everyone was jumping & singing along! 

My friends M&S that came down to cheer me on!


This is MY down pour bridge... so pretty!!



  1. Looks like one hell of a party...and race too...fun times!

  2. oh too bad we didn't get to meet! it was a wonderful race!!

  3. What a fun race! Love the coconuts!!
    And you look like you are having a SUPER time. Rain isn't bad when it's tropical, I imagine :)

  4. That looks like a brilliant race, well done! Love the medal! I know a few people in Miami and hope to one day get there.

  5. The atmosphere in FL is my favorite! I love love love it!!

    Amanda- SO sad we didn't meet up, next time I am in FL I will make sure we do!

    Raina- The rain was warm & wonderful... as much as it sucked it really made the race tough & memorable for me :)

    Johann- You HAVE to get to Miami, it is electric!!!

  6. That course sounds amazing! I have to try it sometime! Congrats! xo

  7. You are so awesome! I want to be like my little Sis! It looks like you & Ked had a great time.