Jan 9, 2012

Holy Twenty-12

Miss me yet?! I know, I know, it's okay I'm here now. Everything will be alright.

Things you have missed 
*Ragnar Boot Camp
*100 Up Challenge
*Hanging in Miami Beach & Boca Raton
*Holiday Parties
*Becoming an auntie for the 20th time!
*My first fall
*NYE with Emz
*First TRAIL RACE - Xterra 20k
*My calves dying. Seriously, not fun.
*Ultimate Body Boot Camp ;-)

Coming up first I will do both the race recaps since those are the most FUN! Then we will talk about what I have been up to & maybe throw in a give-away if ya'll have been nice :D


  1. Looks like a hell of a start to the new year! Will be excited to read the re-caps

  2. That is some list there! Looking forward to the recaps and all the rest.

  3. You make me tired just reading your list! Yet, a UT marathon must be added. :)