Jan 19, 2012

Race Schedule

So far so good... This is the most races I have ever planed to race! 

Not all of them are final but this is my wish list :-)

2012 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!!

1/8/2012 White Tanks Xterra 20k
1/28/2012 Tempe, AZ Color Run 5k
2/24-25/2012 Tempe, AZ Ragnar Del Sol 34.8
5/26/2012 Orme, UT Timp Trail  13.1
8/4/2012 Charlotte, NC Amica Half 13.1
9/1/2012 Pocatello, ID Pocatello  26.2
9/23/2012 Jackson, WY Jackson Hole 13.1
11/4/2012 Scottsdale, AZ Women's Half 13.1

Am I missing a great race that needs to be added?

What is YOUR favorite race?
I don't have one yet... ;-D


  1. BIg Sur! I think it is end of April, early May. It's a must run and always sells out. I know they had course issues last year with a mud slide that caused them to remove a really nice section of the route, but I think (so far) all is clear for 2012. That and NYCM are my two favorites.

  2. Big Sur would be awesome! I need to remember this one for next year! It is already sold out!!

  3. Your schedule is looking awesome! Wish I could travel more for races instead of depending on the local schedule. Love all the races you have!

  4. Mount Lemon Half Marathon in Tucson- it's in April! :)

  5. Ohh Mt. Lemon would be one to try out! I will add that one & see if I can do it!

  6. oh seriously those look like some great races. i really want to put an all women's race on the calendar this year...hmm need to think about that!