Jan 31, 2012

Running in Color

Too much fun... what's that mean?!!
It means The Color Run.
The Color Run is a 5k... each "k" you get "color" thrown at you.
The "color" is a cornmeal that is died pretty colors :)
They do Holi, a Festival of Colors in India, which one day I hope to experience... until then I have my Arizona Color Run.

During the Color Run...

After the Color Run...

You gotta love the unibrow from the color! 

And... I leave you with the hottest picture of me EVER...

As you can see, if you have a COLOR RUN any where near you it is a must!


  1. That's some serious awesome going on there!!
    Freaking love it.
    Awesome photos!!

  2. That is one I have never heard of. Looks and sounds like fun! Great pictures!

  3. It was so awesome!! Most fun race ever. Well until this years Ragnar Del Sol!