Jan 16, 2012

Boot Camp LOVE

Sugar = evil. 

I love my M&M's and fruit.  

Here is our camp looking FIERCE!

So I started my first week of Ultimate Body Boot Camp last week.
Every day I go I learn some new... which I LOVE!

Last Wednesday Richelle (our Boot Camp Goddess) gave us a challenge or more like homework. We had to write down the amount of sugar we ate and then she managed to tell us that we should not be eating more than 25grams of sugar a DAY. AND only half of that amount should be fructose (fruit sugar).

She told us that if we want to change our bodies we have to change. 
Duhh, why didn't I think of that! ;-D

She has been giving us tips each day & she also gave us a meal plan, only if we asked though... 

What I love about the meal plan that it tells me how many servings of fruit, protein, etc.. I should have each day so it is much more simple that telling me grams or lbs. I like easy so I don't have to think too much!! There is also a daily meal plan but again, I have to feed my husband too and he would not agree with much of it! 

Anyways if you are interested here are my Suga numbers: 
Wednesday: 103 grams
Thursday: 55 grams
Friday: 27 grams
Saturday: 26 grams
Sunday: 17 grams

Self awareness. 
I have failed today... so far 33 grams! 
Damn, sitting at a desk all day makes me want to eat candy like crazy. I need to figure this one out... 
Healthy snack shopping here I come!!

Do you have any non sugar yummy snacks that I need to try!?


  1. Love this. As I eat twizzlers...uggg.
    You. Go. Girl!!
    I love almonds & protein shakes when I'm craving something sweet.
    You. Rock.

  2. You GO Mandi! I'll help if you help. I need body changes like nobody's bizziness. I'm just bummed my healthy green goddess smoothies are putting me so over the top. Fruit? How can that be wrong??!! That info made me rebel and go a little sugar crazy because ... what the H? But you - as always - inspire me. I'm on board. Tomorrow :)

  3. Non sugar snacks ideas: I like me some raw red peppers. Sweet. Easy. Candy-colored. And sugar snap peas because it sez sugar in the name, it has to be candy.

  4. I like pickles when I am craving something sweet. They are crunchy. And after you'ved had pickles the last thing you want to mix it with is chocolate or fruity candy. Yuck! Plus they are low-cal.

  5. Thanks for the great ideas ladies! I am packing protein, almonds, bell peppers & pickles today!

    I like to have options ;-)

  6. Only 17 grams of sugar....WOW! You are good!