Jan 11, 2012

Xterra White Tanks 20k

This was my first trail "race."
20k = about 12.4 miles

It was SUPER hard but I loved it!

The first two miles were rolling hills, which was a perfect warm up because once we hit mile 2 we ran about 1500' up for the next 4 miles. It was tough and I walked/ran a lot. But I made it up! Then we circled around more mountains climbing & falling for a couple miles. It was SO MUCH FUN. I love the mountains. They are pretty!

THEN came the DOWNHILL. My calves tightened up more than I thought possible from about mile 9 until I crossed that finish line. Those 3.4 miles were the toughest of my life. I walked quite a bit but that hurt too. My calves are messed up. This has never happened to me before...

But I did finish! Not the best time, but not the worst, 2:26:14

Drafting off my competitors! 

Almost there!
So HAPPY to be done!!

So I think my calve problem is from trying out a pair of Newtons on the Tuesday before the race. I ran a SLOW 5k in them. 
Wednesday when I did hills for my last real run before the trail race the same thing happened to my calves, just not as bad. 
So I rested & massaged. 
Didn't work good enough though.

I went and got a massage Monday evening & it help a lot... didn't run Tuesday... it is now Wednesday & I did a Boot Camp, we went outside to do some sprints & MY CALVES ARE ALL TIGHT AGAIN.

So frustrating... any advise? 


  1. Hi Mandi, there is a 10% rule when trying newer flatter shoes, who ever sold you the Newtons should have explained this. Not a shoe to just keep running in. Great job on the trails, that is a tough one, only gets better! Mark Cosmas

  2. Hey Mark, I didn't buy them, only "tested" them out... I should have know better :-/

    The race was great, can't wait for more! Trails are awesome :)

  3. Way to kick some ass out there!
    As for tight calfs...I have that problem too...maybe purchase a lacrosse ball and roll it over your calf to loosen them out...works for me on occasion!

  4. Thanks for the tip Ed, I will go get one and try it out :-) Ohhh & I will use my tennis ball too!