Feb 1, 2012

February=Ragnar // PureFit Review


That means this is coming up...

Oh Ragnar, I am SUPER excited for you!

Guess I should get running A LOT further than I currently have been.

Hello 10+ mile runs, I have missed you!!

What do you do to stay motivated to run? 
Me, well I sign up for craziness with my friends! 


Recently I was contacted by Pure Fit nutrition bars to review their bars.

Yumm. I am a bar lover... who doesn't love an easy snack or something to stick in your back pocket for a long run!?

The only problem I had with the bars was the sugar content since I am "watching" my sugar intake. So I just had to make sure to eat them on days when I was going to be extra good and not eat any sugar since the bars had 13-14 grams (almost half of my daily intake allowance). FYI, there are NO ARTIFICIAL sweeteners, just natural :) 

They are some yummy vegan, all natural, gluten-free protein bars!!!

Granola Crunch: Yummm
Almond Crunch: 2nd Favorite, it was very vanilla-ie
Berry Almond Crunch: My favorite (the only bar with 1grams of sugar)
Chocolate Browne: Not a fan of the "chocolate" bars
Peanut Butter Crunch: Very tasty! 

The texture was thicker than most bars I have tried so you needed some water while eating them but I have to say I liked it because sometimes I scarf food down and don't take my time. These make you take your time & I say thanks!

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