Feb 14, 2012

My homemade race medal holder

My medals have been squished up in a box in my closet since the day I got them.

They are pretty...

I was going through my closet and found a old tie rack that the hubby no longer uses... real job with tie? No freakin; way! He is a lucky guy you know :)

Anyways. I wanted to spray paint it white...

And spray paint it I did.

 No too shabby ehh!? 
AND it cost me NOTHING. 
I already had the spray paint & the tie rack, SCORE!!!

Not sure if I like were we put it but for now at least my medals have a place to call home :-D

Happy Centennial to the great state of ARIZONA!
& Happy Valentine's Day!
*note, the one day were wearing red, pink & white looks hot!*


  1. Love your homemade medal hanger, simple and easy. All your medals looks beautiful hanging there.

  2. Love the medal hanger! You have some awesome medals....I really like the Ragnar one.