Feb 7, 2012

Super Weekend!

This weekend was a good one. 

Arizona Sunsets at The Home Depot.

Bought a sweet Jacuzzi tub & "recovered" in it after I received my Deuces RnR Metal in the mail. 

Ate one of my favorites... Bird in a "Pig" after an awesome kick butt 14miler!

My friends dog got confused about who was playing in the Super Bowl.

Emz inspired me to make this wonderfully weird Super Bowl treat!

 Probably ate half of these...

Most definitely chowed down on everything here.

The "girls" grilled... aka Courtney, the one taking the picture. 
We watched her grill as the boys were watching the Super Bowl.

Super Bore, I mean Bowl with new & old friends is always a good time!

How was your Super weekend!? 

This morning Sue-Bug & I headed to the track... but they had LOCKED US OUT! Only took a few minutes of pushing and pulling the round about door for me to figure it out. Hey 6:30 is still early!

So we headed to the canal for a somewhat fast paced 6 miler. It felt great. 9:17 pace.

Whenever  I have a great run I always want to look great for the day too. So I am wearing sexy leather pants and 6 inch heels with my bump-it. 
I look good. ;-D 

Do you ever find yourself wanting to dress up and look hot after a great run or am I cra-cray?

1 comment:

  1. Love your Super Bowl spread! I was in perpetual motion this weekend and really exhausted by the time of the game. All i could do was sit on the couch w/ my glass of wine and veg!

    Great pics and hell yeah you deserve your leather pants!