Mar 28, 2012

5:30am Birthday Parties

These ladies ROCK.
Yeah... we throw "meet at 5:30am then run to coffee at 6am" surprise birthday parties.
I know you wanna be our friend? 
We are the Cholla Chicks, like us on Facebook!

 Happy Birthday Sue!!

Mar 27, 2012

Xterra Black Canyon Half Marathon

Brutal course doesn't even begin to describe it.
doesn't even begin to describe it.

While on the bus to the start I was talking with a friend and she mentioned how we do this BECAUSE it is hard. LOVED that & thought of it quite a few times during the LONG BRUTAL hills. 

The desert was BEAUTIFUL. We had just gotten a bunch of rain the weekend prior, which made the entire desert green. #sososososopretty

I fell once... around mile 5/6ish on a Jeep Road, cause I am good like that. 
But it wasn't too bad of a fall since I didn't notice the pain over the pain of running up 10ish miles of hills.

Yes, I enjoy pain...
I also carried Gatorade, which I haven't done in forever because lately my legs have been wanting to cramp up on me. I also ate an entire package of Shot Blocks before... 
I had way TOO MUCH SUGAR for me... BUT I didn't cramp, so it was a success!! :)

Finished in 2:28 
4th female in my AG out of 12... so I call that a good day! 
Next year I plan on being on that darn podium!

Good lookin' bunch of Tribe athletes if you ask me! :)
*of course I had to leave before I could join*
Best part of running with these people, the ones up there^^^? 
All the AMAZING SUPPORT they give out like candy! 
Seriously... I came in around 2:28
WAY after all of them and they were all cheering for me! 

I am a LUCKY girl =D

Mar 22, 2012


I have a HUGE case of FOMO 

So... I may just be signing up for a race EVERY month. Oops. 

So I guess Marathon two is all set to happen... a MONTH from now :)

Wish me all the health & luck, I know I got this one in the bag if all goes well!

Do you ever get the FOMO's? 
What do you do about it? 

On a small note this is my 100th blog post! 

Mar 19, 2012

Sole 2 Sole - 17 miles on St. Patty's Day

Arizona local running stores are pretty much some of the best EVER. 

Sole Sports is just one of the few local stores here that put on some awesome events! 
We as locals are SUPER lucky to have so many supportive local businesses. 

This was a FREE event - we were encouraged but NOT required to donate to Team Determination
The run was from Sole Sports Scottsdale to Sole Sports Tempe.
They had us meet at Sole Sports Tempe & take an AWESOME bus to Sole Sports Scottsdale, once again for FREE.

They put so much time into planning this.
The course was "marked" with red tape arrows & if I remember correctly there were THREE water stations & one of them was filled with gummy bears, oranges & pretzels!! 

Were we the only ones who go the memo that is was St. Patty's Day!?
The crew & I had a great time running through Tempe, which none of us had ever done & we didn't even get lost, thanks to the maps that Sole Sports provided us!

I finished in 2:43, a 9:40 pace which is my fastest "long run" to date. #longestrunover13.1miles
This is why I love running with friends, they push me & I don't even realize it.

Enjoying mimosas with friends after an awesome 17miler! 
HUGE thank you to SOLE SPORTS
Brooks Running (we got a sweet visor with any donations over $15),
 Zipps & all of their amazing teams!

Can't wait for Sole2Sole Scottsdale to Glendale 23miler!! 

Mar 8, 2012

Things I am loving

This picture of the Hubs takin' a rest in our van during Ragnar

These YELLOW jeans

Trail running with friends
My new Dyson <3

F1 season is about to start! 

My spinach plant. It is amazing.
These are from the most thoughtful person ever.
The pickles are almost gone.
They stand no chance this weekend.

What are you loving today? 

Mar 2, 2012

Legs... who needs those!?

Holy heck it is March 2012!
I think I need a spring break. 
Why don't we have them as adults?
Let's change that and not show up to work for a week this month! 

Yeah, you like that crazy too red-ish hair don't cha! I like to party. ;-)

I am starting to realize that I may like pain (yes I am slow)
My legs have hopefully recovered enough from Ragnar last weekend

Saturdays Trail Run: 
11 miles
"Underground" Trail Run @ South Mountain
**fundraiser for LIVESTRONG and Survivor Summit** 

Sundays Trail Run: 
13.1 miles
Xterra Black Canyon training run


I also have someone who has been "pushing/inspiring" me to get in the water...

and I LOVE it.
Cannot wait to start my swimming lessons later this month! I am going to rock that pool!
**yep... I may be thinking about something that is 70.3 miles long**
  Either rock it or look something like this...

This is going to be a great weekend! 

What do you have going on this weekend? 
Who has been inspiring you?