Mar 19, 2012

Sole 2 Sole - 17 miles on St. Patty's Day

Arizona local running stores are pretty much some of the best EVER. 

Sole Sports is just one of the few local stores here that put on some awesome events! 
We as locals are SUPER lucky to have so many supportive local businesses. 

This was a FREE event - we were encouraged but NOT required to donate to Team Determination
The run was from Sole Sports Scottsdale to Sole Sports Tempe.
They had us meet at Sole Sports Tempe & take an AWESOME bus to Sole Sports Scottsdale, once again for FREE.

They put so much time into planning this.
The course was "marked" with red tape arrows & if I remember correctly there were THREE water stations & one of them was filled with gummy bears, oranges & pretzels!! 

Were we the only ones who go the memo that is was St. Patty's Day!?
The crew & I had a great time running through Tempe, which none of us had ever done & we didn't even get lost, thanks to the maps that Sole Sports provided us!

I finished in 2:43, a 9:40 pace which is my fastest "long run" to date. #longestrunover13.1miles
This is why I love running with friends, they push me & I don't even realize it.

Enjoying mimosas with friends after an awesome 17miler! 
HUGE thank you to SOLE SPORTS
Brooks Running (we got a sweet visor with any donations over $15),
 Zipps & all of their amazing teams!

Can't wait for Sole2Sole Scottsdale to Glendale 23miler!! 


  1. I can't wait to get back to Scottsdale so I can reunite and find more running friends! Congrats on the new PR!

    1. Can't wait to have you back! You are coming up to ASU next semester right? #superawesome #wewilldragyouaroundrunningiwithus

  2. This sounds like it was a blast! I knew I wasn't up for it after barely surviving the trail run a few weeks ago. Thanks for keeping me company in the pool the last few days! Swimming feels great!

    1. Thank you for swimming with me & giving me tips you are the best!!

  3. WOW...a 9:40 are rockin' it girl!