Apr 11, 2012

Swimming. A pain in the neck?

As I enter into my THIRD week of swim lessons I have a pain in my neck!
Last Tuesday I must have been swimming like a honey badger cause my neck has been sore ever since!

I finally made an appointment with the chiro so hopefully I will go back to being a normal person who can turn their head. :)


I am in LOVE.

It is so peaceful.
I can finally "breathe" #iamstillgettingthere
13 strokes is what it takes me to get 25yrds. #happyhappymandi 
The first day it took me something like 20 strokes... love that I am getting it!

Last night I went to see Amanda Beard talk about her new book, 
In The Water They Can't See You Cry. 
Cannot wait to crack it open and read!! She seems like such an amazing person. 
And hopefully she makes it to the Olympics this year, that would freaking rock!!


Seems like this month is the month for concerts! 
I love Spring/Summer time just for this reason!! 

So far I have seen The Pretty Reckless and DEV... which were both okay... 

Last night I went to see this lovely lady play at Martini Ranch...
It was a great show. She is such a sweet person :-) 

Next week I get to see JAMES & GARBAGE!!! 

Are you going to any concerts anytime soon, who? 


  1. I want to read that book also!
    my favortie is Dara Torres...her book is great

    concert: Yes! Bruce Springsteen! april 27!!!

  2. I haven't been to a concert in ages. :(
    Sounds like a blast!

    Are you going to be @mandi_tri here soon?!
    You rock.