May 21, 2012

May is for babies

Mayer, AZ... the place is on fire! 

BUT this is the view from my Grandma's Rooftop...

I went up north this weekend to spend some time with my family...
But the helicopters and road blocks stole the show!

I spent A LOT of time outside... it was 80* 
My family from Idaho thought it was HOT. 
Pssshhhhhh what do they know, it was perfect!!

Came home to this beauty...
my OWN road bike!!!

Then I went here for my first OWS with a couple friends #openwaterswim
I was surprisingly not too scared. 
Only panicked once/twice over some white tube thingy in the water. The second time seeing that darn thing I was a bit more prepared for it but still got my heart rate up. Thank goodness my friend G saw it and got a little freaked too... so I felt less stupid getting scared about it. :) 

We swam out and back to a water bouie three times which equaled to about 966 meters 
Can't wait for the next OWS where I can get even more comfortable swimming in water that you can barely see your hands in front of you! 
All and all it was a good weekend full of new experiences and fun with family & friends! 

How was your weekend?

Do you freak out when you OWS and see something creepy in the water? 


  1. OWS. Look at you mrs mandi.
    Living the chill picture.

  2. I haven't done an OWS....I need to. But I am freaked out. How do you know you are going in the right direction?

    1. You just pick a spot to swim to and go for it, looking up while you take your breath every now and again. It wasn't too bad... but as long as you know it is going to be much different than lap swimming I think you will be fine! Go try it girl! xoxo

  3. Back when I used to train for Tri's, I was swimming in Aquatic Park, place most of us who live in the city of San Francisco train in, my hand brushed against something slimy and slippery and I was 50 yards from shore in the open water. The water is not at all clear too and choppy. Another time my foot touched the sandy bottom by accident when I thought we were in deeper water - waiting for friends to catch up. Accidentally touching stuff always freaks me out.

    1. Yeah... the whole touching weird things in creepy water is not my thing! Hopefully it gets easier with time :)