May 9, 2012

Stupid. Foot.

Running has been put on halt for the past couple weeks since the marathon.

I have been having foot pain where I fractured my foot when I was younger and I don't want to have it flair up... It is HARD not running. 

I hate being down for the count. 
It's amazing how much FOMO takes over. #fearofmissingout
I can't even look at my friends Facebook's!!

Thank goodness I have swimming in my life or I would be on my bike trainer watching dirty TV all night!

So I have been living it up... trying to "enjoy" the extra free time.
LOT'S of these: 
with mint from the garden & limes from the trees <3

Got to go to Vegas this past weekend!
my view from our room... I LOVE THE WYNN

Girls Night Out/Fair-well/Happy Graduation Dinner
with two of my oldest friends

This has nothing to do with anything but #ILOVEIT
I wonder if my cat would fit on my feet #idohavereallylargefeet...

Hope everyone is enjoying RUNNING! 


  1. Hope your time off is not for long! You are being patient and it is worth it.

    1. Thanks Raina! I hope it's not for too long either! :)

  2. I feel ya... I twisted my ankle this weekend. It's not *too* bad, but I took a couple days off of running and bootcamp to try and let it heal. I'm gonna attempt bootcamp tonight, but I'm sure it'll be at least a week before I brave running again. Hope your foot feels better soon!

    1. It's so hard but waiting is worth it so I guess I will just "enjoy" my time off!

  3. Yay swimming!
    Good girl for listening to your body. Way smart.
    I say keep the dirty tv watching. ;)

    1. Ohh, the dirty TV watching will NEVER end :D

  4. You'll be back and kicking my BOOTY before I know it. I know how hard waiting out the injuries are -- especially when you just had a big PR breakthrough!! But go to the doctor, check it out and let's see what we're working with. PS that mojito looks YUMMMMMMMY. Love ya!!!

    1. The Mojito's are amazing! I should have ya'll over and get you drunk so you can run the next day! bahahahaha! ;-)

      Love ya Aimswa!! xoxoxox

  5. yes yes i am enjoying running and have a half marathon coming up not this weekend but next!!