Jun 4, 2012

Tri-ing with an "i"

 My foot is back in the game...
Yay for RUNNING!

My butt... not yet but it will get there!

Couple weeks ago I got my bike...
Then a week later I finally got these
My pretty TRI shoes!! :D

So then I did this... with the Tribe Ladies team:

Yep... I am in a cycling picture! Who woulda thought!?!

I finally hopped on my bike and went for a ride with the Tribe ladies this Saturday!
I rode with my two pregnant friends...
and yes... they had to slow down for ME!

It was an awesome weekend and I even got out with Tribe again to do another OWS!
It was not as good as my first... but I rode 28 miles (my longest ride ever) the day before and my legs were a bit tired! I still had fun and can't wait to do another... gotta keeping trying until I got it down! :)

How was your weekend? Did you tri anything new, do anything exciting? 

Arizona peeps... I am going to sign up for my first Tri, any recommendations? Sprint or Olympic to start out with :) 


  1. Totally makes me smile. Love it!

  2. You go girl!! Awesome!
    I would say start with a sprint but I think you would do fine in the Olympic too. It just depends how much training you want to do.
    Nathan's tri is in September. Red Rock always puts on a nice race.
    There is a little sprint in Casa Grande in November that is fun and cheap. The swim is in an Olympic sized pool, serpentine style.
    Good luck with all your training. I hope I get to meet ya for a ride to Canyon soon. ;-)

    1. Sweet, I will look into the Casa Grande one!

      I would love to ride with you... maybe in a month or so when I start to get better then I can take on the Canyon! :)

  3. Anthem Sprint Tri, August 25th. It's a reverse tri so it is run, bike, swim. Very fun!

    Great job Mandi! You are kicking ass and taking names. Such a fit chick!

    1. I'm totally going to do the Anthem one! Yay!!

  4. So cool! I have been thinking about getting my bike tuned up and going for some rides. I just have to figure out how to work them in. Those are some super cute bike outfits and shoes!

    1. I am totally enjoying the bike. It is nice to have to try to fit a run into everything else now! Very new... so it's still exciting :)