Jul 17, 2012

I'm just a dreamer

The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon
How did I just now hear about this?!? 

I am SO doing this next year... my favorite athlete... and my new sport.

<3 #truelove

If you happen to live in London & you wanna tri with Jenson Button or if you just want to dream about it with me... here are the deets

Jul 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

 A bit of advice: 
"Avoid getting licked by a lion. 
Look at the rows and rows of sharp hooks on this lion’s tongue, 
designed to get meat off of bones lickety-split, 
and you’ll understand why this is good advice." 
(Photo by Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo)

A bit of fun: 
Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends, Amber!

A bit of work: 
My front derailleur on the bike got stuck in the top gear during my hill ride Wednesday.
Therefore my ride was a total of 7 miles. #hardcore
I could have just skipped the hills and did a regular ride but I was a little pissed.
So here he sits... 
Now I either have to figure out how to fix it or take it in... 

Jul 10, 2012

Highs & Lows

Seems like whenever I come off an amazing week I proceed to mess the next week up. 

This past week I worked out twice.
One run. One ride.

I really need to work on being more consistent. I should probably get a real training schedule.
I think that is why I am all over the place.
I need direction :)  
Did the holiday mess your week up too? 

I did happen to spend too much time on Instagram & Pinterest though :)

Dbacks Game #iamtheirgoodluckcharm #theyalwayswinwhenigotothegames

Killed myself on my ride this weekend... but I kept up with the Tribe!

This is the face that makes me stay in bed instead of swim/bike/run

And now some randomness cause that is how I roll.

Jul 2, 2012

Born to be silly

 I rode my bike 3 times this past week!

I have to say... 
The Popeye face makes my riding so much more hard core than it really is.

I did ALL my planed workouts this week expect one run... the LR.
#whoneedslongruns #notmeduhhiamamazing

It's been so nice and hot in the mornings I have been dreaming about a treadmill. 

This weekend was actually pretty nice. 
I got to spend time with my BFF <3
I got to see Magic Mike with 15 women!
Went to my first yoga practice in ages #sosoretoday
Ate too much FroYo
Cleaned my house like a mad woman
Had a few too many cocktails.

How was your weekend? 
Did you get all your workouts in last week?