Jul 2, 2012

Born to be silly

 I rode my bike 3 times this past week!

I have to say... 
The Popeye face makes my riding so much more hard core than it really is.

I did ALL my planed workouts this week expect one run... the LR.
#whoneedslongruns #notmeduhhiamamazing

It's been so nice and hot in the mornings I have been dreaming about a treadmill. 

This weekend was actually pretty nice. 
I got to spend time with my BFF <3
I got to see Magic Mike with 15 women!
Went to my first yoga practice in ages #sosoretoday
Ate too much FroYo
Cleaned my house like a mad woman
Had a few too many cocktails.

How was your weekend? 
Did you get all your workouts in last week? 

1 comment:

  1. No, I did not get all my workouts in this week. I've been a total waste of muscle...
    So fun seeing you out rocking the pink kit and riding like crazy! Keep it up!