Aug 20, 2012

Gators setting the bar high

Well, if you know me you know I LOVE Florida. 
But this post has nothing to do with Florida... really.

Gatortoe SOCKS! #ihavethebestfriendsever
One of my friends who lives in Florida did his first sprint tri yesterday and HE got FIRST in his AG!! He was in town last week and I told him not to do too good cause I wanted to do just as well as him for my race (which is this upcoming Saturday, YAY!!!!)... Needless to say now I have to kick a lot of butt and take names!! 
Thanks for keeping the bar high J; I freaking got this!! ;-)

This past week has been a fun one. 
I got to ride with my favorite pregnant women! 

I love riding with them cause I can keep up. 
They are both AMAZING cyclist and rock when they don't have a baby weighing them down... well they are still ROCKING of course just at my pace :) 

I also got to go to a transition clinic this weekend put on by the one and only Amy Kloner
It was SUPER informative but I have to admit I am scared about this whole tri thing. I need to remember a lot things!! But that is why I am starting out with a sprint and working my way up :) 

Any advise for my first sprint tri? 
It is reverse... so at least I will not smell so bad when I finish!!

Ummm, pretty sure I can't believe I haven't mentioned three of my favorite CHOLLA CHICKS completed  their first 51k Ultra a couple weeks ago!! THEY rocked it and I am so proud of them!!! One of them even got 1st in her AG! #rockstars

Also congrats to my friend BT who just completed his first 70.3 yesterday!!!



  1. Love the socks! Very stylish and different...

  2. Good Luck this weekend!!
    Deep breaths and stay calm then you won't make a crazy mistake in transition. Like running out with your helmet still on your head, it wasn't me it friend. Yeah,my friend. ;-)
    Remember to have fun!

    1. Haha, oh no! I will keep that in mind... #channelingcalmness :)