Aug 10, 2012


Finally home from the Idaho! Such a fun family trip... 
I even got a nice 20 mile bike ride in and a short run! 
I really wanted to do some open water swimming since we were by the lake up there... 
but it was FREEZING. OMG. I needed like two wet suites!  

Enjoy some of the pictures I actually took... 

My niece Jess #yessheisjustfouryearsyoungerthani

Loves from baby Londyn 

Took everything I had to get that man to stand by that sign!

My nieces have big feet. #metoo

Need this bike... two seats, two pairs of handle bars, to pairs of pedals all side by side! 

View from my parents back porch


Old Faithful 

Do anything fun this weekend?

Is it easy for you to work in your training schedule when you are on vacation? It's NOT easy for me AT ALL.

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  1. Your trip looked like a good time! Hope you enjoyed your family. Glad you got in a good ride and run! Training on vacation has been one of my favorite things the last few years! Even if it is less intense then what I would do at home. Seeing the sites at a bike or run pace is so worth it!