Sep 4, 2012

Jerome Hill Climb 2012 Race Recap

This run was FUN!
4.5 miles up hill in Jerome, AZ.

Didn't take much convincing to get me to the start, my grandma was actually born in Jerome and well I heart hills... especially going up them, not so much going down!

The crew before we all got sweaty 

The course was beautiful... 
I LOVE the desert when it is GREEN.

The only "down" side to the race is once you got to the top... 
well you had to come back down!
But, it was good cause 4.5 miles is not enough for us crazy cats! 
We probably did about 9 miles that day but only 4.5 were racing miles, the rest were walking/running and chatting with good friends! 

I finished around 45 minutes...
final results are not up yet and I forgot to stop my garmin  
I went into this doing it for fun, next year I might try to push myself  a bit harder but hey... overall it was an awesome day to get out of the Phx heat and spend some QT with my favorite runners!!

#besuretowatchthisuntiltheend #thereisanicesupriseforyou 

How was your weekend?!


  1. Looks like a good climb and an awesome event! Good way to spend labor day weekend...

  2. I have wanted to to that run but it's never been a good time for me. I'm always in the middle of tri training.
    Next year!
    Good job on the hills.

  3. Awesome climb/run, well done! I love hills and climbs like that. It suites my slow body. :)