Oct 1, 2012

Cruiserman 2012 "Race" Recap


This was an awesome FUN race!
The swim is a 400 meter "Float"
^^  LOOK UP...            you can see me!
The bike is a 3 mile "Cruiser Ride"

The run is a 1 mile trail run... 
which you had to play a little "sand pong" along the way
AND the Finish is an AWESOME WATER SLIDE!!

On the podium with the gang!
#nemo #naughtynun
#runner #wonderwoman

The nun was checking for worms... poor little Angry Bird! 

Nemo & the Angry Birds!!

Crush, Nemo taking a pictures with the new Momma!
<3 her="her" p="p">

We like to party!

Hanging with the awesome cheerleaders & Baby M!

That is almost an HOUR of FUN!!!

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