Oct 1, 2012

Javelina Night Run 2012 -- 25k

The race that wasn't planned...

Saturday during Cruiserman 2012 I was talking with my friend Julie and she told me that she was going to go out to run the 50k Javelina Night Run... so of course I told her she can't go out there by herself so I decided to go with her to CHEER!! 

So anyways... I ride down there with her... and she goes to register... 
And I accidentally register TOO! 
#oops BUT for the 25k, not the 50K. 
This girl is not an ultra runner yet!!
And I had ran 13.1 miles Friday morning... this was Saturday Night!

Spooky Start/Finish Line

Julie took off first, the course was two loops for her and one for me!

The night was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Julie rocked her second 50k! 

Love that instead of another metal we got pint glasses! So cool!!

They had an AWESOME finish line with killer "snacks"
Pizza - Cookies - Brownies - & lots of other things I can't remember...
But seriously... look at ALL THAT PIZZA!!

Aravaipa Running puts on a GREAT event!!
I can't wait to do more of their trail runs!

 Julie & I at the finish!! 

I Finished the 25k in 2:43
Not the bestest time ever but I knew since I had been outside in the sun all day & had not been eating or drinking right I should take it easy... I felt great the whole time and could have pushed a little harder but I am glad I played it safe and felt good... especially since this wasn't a race I planed on doing :))

A few weeks from now I will be pacing someone on one of the loops of her first 100 miler on the same trail... I feel SUPER prepared to help her kick some butt now!!

Do you sign up for races super late... or even at registration itself? Or am I just nuts!


  1. Nice! I'm a register early type of person but admit that with my recent DNS I feel I should start registering the day of. -_-

  2. Nothing like doing something spur of the moment to stay motivated!

  3. Great run, well done! I often sign up on the day. Here in SA we have the option for on the day entry in most races. All the best for the pacing!