Oct 22, 2012

Soma Triathlon Relay 2012 - Team Jobing.com

My awesome Teammates
Me, Beata & Carie
We are ready to SWIM/BIKE/RUN!

Bunch of the girls on my team Tribe/Jobing.com 

All three of our AMAZING swimmers... I think they all killed it. 
Can you tell?

Beata rockin' the bike!

 Me, trying to beat the heat. 
OMG. It was HOT.

There was a lot of this... waiting around. 
I do have to say being the last event in a relay for 5 and half hour race is hard.

Cheering on our cyclists!

Playing around with my Cholla Chicks
I was NOT first place... I had not even ran yet!
This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands and you hang out with cray cray girls! 

Getting ready to ROCK my run!!

This was such a fun experience and an eye opener to how HARD triathlon is! 
I almost felt like I was cheating out there passing people since I was only running and HAD NOT been out there swimming and riding my bike all morning! My run did not feel great, my stomach was not happy from the start and I know it had to do with just sitting around in the heat waiting all morning to run. It is much easier to wake up, shove some food down your hole and go! hahaha

My first mile was WAY too fast. I guess haven't "raced" for a while cause I forgot how to pace myself. I really really can't wait to get a Garmin 910 I think it will help me to actually see my pace and pay attention to it cause right now I just throw my Edge 500 into my pocket and race on feel, checking it every now and then making sure I'm not going too slow. :p

This half was a two looper, which I didn't mind much... 
I got my first BIG blister #boo  
I got lots of #looks #compliments on my pretty HOKAs! #yesiknowmyfeetarehugepeople
I also have been reminded that if I want to PR I need to carry my own water... aid stations take A LOT of extra time... from my Garmin details my "moving time" was 1:52.14 a PR!! But seriously, I might just be a crazy runner. Don't mind me =D

Swim Time: 36.31 1:53 pace
Bike Time: 2:56.58 18.99 pace
Run Time: 1:54.11 (yep 11) 8.43 pace
TOTAL: 5:29.31

I have FINALLY chosen my 70.3 mile adventure, Barb's Race which is a women's only race that takes place the same day as the FULL Vineman!!!! 
CANNOT wait to sign up and tell you all about it! I am going to have lots of support, 5 other girls are going to come with me to TRI!!!


  1. I think doing the run on those relays is harder than doing the whole thing. It's the sitting around waiting that kills ya.
    I did Soma last year and it was in the mid 90's, it sucked! There is not enough shade on that course.
    Good luck with you 70.3!! You are gonna do great!

  2. Lovely pics! Nice to see your team mates. I hope you have recovered from stomach upset.

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