Oct 15, 2012

Tour de Scottsdale 2012 - Race Recap

Tour de Scottsdale 2012

This was my first experience with sorta almost bike racing...
Although it is not a race, it is a tour...
TOUR? What does that mean?
Bicycle touring is cycling over long distances – prioritizing pleasure and endurance over utility or speed. - Wikipedia

Pleasure and endurance over utility or speed 
#mytypeofevent =D 
#idonothavespeed YET! 

SO of course I showed up late...
Missed the start #whichdidnotmatterbecausetherewere1500cyclists 
TOTALLY not my fault, I was 45 minutes early but parking was a bit of a nightmare. 
Note to self, get there SUPER early. Like legit legit early. :)

The start was crazy... everyone started at the same time so all 1500 cyclists were out there pedaling along... the first couple miles were SUPER slow but I wasn't too concerned. 

Saw a few of my teammates pass by and so I jumped in a couple minutes later and decided I would try to catch up with them and see if any of them were doing the 30 miler too...
Caught two of them, Mindy & Christina AND they were also doing the 30 miler YAY!!

We rode along not pushing it too much and just enjoying the beautiful day and each others company. 

I really enjoyed the ride and 30 miles flew by... 
#nowiknowwhatitisliketogoonafunridewithfriends :))

Mindy, Christina & I after the ride

 I finished in 1:51:32.10
42nd female out of 185
7th in age group out of 14 
I was super stoked to see we got metals... for some reason I thought only the 70 milers got them :) 

Yep... my metals might be getting out of control! 

Miss Mouse and I "recovering" after our Tour Ride :)
She is the best at helping me recover!!
Have you just toured a tour before? 
I really enjoyed enjoying the ride!!


  1. SOunds like such a fun event! I am thinking I have to get into cycling a little more!

    1. You should! I was a bit nervous doing cycling events but so far they have all be SO MUCH FUN!!

  2. You are awesome! It was so much fun riding with you!!!

  3. I may have to try a tour sometime. Great time!
    Let's sign up for a tri! You're in Phoenix right? Anything good coming up? The next one here is in March...

  4. I did the 70 a few years ago. I love that course. The logistics are a nightmare though and they coned off some of the streets in bad placed that caused a bunch of crashes so I'm not sure I will do it again.
    That being said I'm not even sure I want to ride my bike again anyway.
    Congrats on your ride!! You'll have to try Tour de Mesa, next.

    1. Yeah, I heard that it was a crash fest so I was super careful and decided not to race for that reason! :)

      Tour de Mesa might have to go on the calendar! AND you will be back on the bike, don't worry :)

  5. Congrats Mandi!So glad you found the cycling bug! Cant wait to hear your Soma race report!