Oct 8, 2012

Volunteering for my first race

This was my first race being a volunteer...
Let me say this, IT FREAKING ROCKS!

I did have a little case of FOMO #fearofmissingout 
BUT Xterra kept me nice and busy so I really didn't have a HUGE case :)

The day started out nice and early with a 3:30am wake up call, 4am meet up with my girlfriends and then drive 45 minutes to the race site... Which wasn't bad at all cause I got to enjoy #ChollaChick time the whole way & the whole day!

Michelle rocks! 
She made these AWESOME banana signs for our new friend Heidi aka Banana who was racing!

Michelle and Laura also made other random signs to help cheer on random runners while we were out at water/aid stations volunteering... 
#thesegirlsrock #sofunandthoughtful  

4:45am... yep, we are all smiles and giggles!!

The morning started off setting up all the tents, tables, and supplies for the race. I always knew there was a lot to a race but this experience makes me SUPER THANKFUL for all the hard work that is done to make a race run smoothly! 

Once everything was pretty much set up and the sun came up it was time to head out to the aid station that we were assigned to... there are other options as a volunteer but I really wanted to go out on the course and cheer! :)

We all got split up into different water/aid stations, I was with my friends niece Olivia and we had SUCH a blast! #iofcourseforgotmyphoneandhaveNOpicturesofallthefunthatwashadatthewaterstation
We got to ride out in the desert with the Hand Radio guys... 
which our guys were so so so awesome, GREAT JOB HAND RADIO GUYS!

We set up all the Gatorade and Water then the runners started showing up! We were at mile 4 which also was the split off between the 20k & 8k races so we got to see everyone racing! 
Which was awesome cause I had friends racing both  :)

Olivia and I went through lots of water and cups and even got to help an injured man walk to the finish line, which was about a mile from our aid station, once we packed up all our supplies in our Hand Radio mans truck.

My friend Josh, the MC! He may have been having fun?!? #yesyes
 All of the Xterra races have kids races after the finish of the race... which is awesome! It is a pretty short out and back, maybe .25miles, and my friend Julie's son Lance won! He was sure to let everyone know too! #socute :) 

Gatorade for this hard workin' volunteer! 
4:45am-11:30am = AN AWESOME TIME & a good nights sleep!

SO... I TOTALLY recommend volunteering for a race and make sure to bring your friends too... Friends ALWAYS call for a good time!! :) #plustheyusuallywillgiveyouaracecreditWINWIN

This weekend our SMART & PRETTY friend Aimswa ran her 5th marathon!
SHE PRed... 
I believe we helped since we couldn't be in Chicago with her Michelle & Laura #superawesomechollachicks made a sign and had all our friends at the race take pictures with it!

#wemightliketohavefun ;) 

We have pretty kick butt friends!

On a side note... 
Look who got new shoes this weekend!

How was your weekend? 
Have you ever volunteered for a race? 
How did it go!?


  1. I concur, awesome friends, indeed =)

    Didn't know that was the first race you've ever volunteered at. With the exception of missing out on racing it is a blast, for sure. Definitely provides a different perspective on all the hard work going on behind the scenes to make it all happen.

  2. Awesome to hear you volunteered. Mel and I worked a Warrior Dash before, it was fun to see everyone all dressed up, then limping back to their car. We worked traffic control so that part wasnt all that fun.

    I have to say you make me want to get out and volunteer some more looks like the people were great!

  3. It looks like you guys had a super time!
    I volunteer at Ironman every year and I love it!! LOVE! Volunteering is so fun and a great way to give back. I can't imagine trying to put on a race.