Oct 6, 2013

Escape to Miami Triathlon 2013

My first Olympic distance triathlon; about time right?!

Before I moved to Miami I had heard about this triathlon.
You get to jump from a ferry and swim over to an island then swim across the bay to Miami!
HECK YES I am doing this!! 

Not only was this my first Olympic this was Rosalita's first sleepover with her competitors! 

Saying bye to her for the night was not ideal but it seemed as though they had ample security and I felt safe once I saw all the other bikes :) 
Then I got to our row... YEP #luckynumber11

YEP, Rosalita was going to be fine by her new friends in row 11! 

The next morning, I woke up at the BUTT crack of dawn. Got to transition, set up, then headed over to the ferry... GOT ON the ferry, met some awesome people on our ride over then they kicked us off the boat and we swam to shore on Escape Island!

As we made our way to the start line on Escape Island... we heard some dance music... then we saw a boat... on that boat we some some party people! It was 5:30am and I do believe these girls dancing on the boat had not slept yet. PERFECT MIAMI. That is what it is like here. #effincrazy The people don't sleep. AND this morning we got some free entertainment from it! Thanks dancer girls for keeping me giggling for the next two hours! :) 

33.23 (02:02 per 100yrd)
This swim was not my best... I was 5 minutes slower than I wanted to be. 

The water was perfectly fine, only a few spots where the seaweed was so thick I got nervous that animals would be in it. HAHAHA, I didn't panic though. I just couldn't breath right. I never really found my rhythm. At the time I thought it was the salt water... but thinking about it now, well I have been having a hard time in the pool too.

I know I just need to swim more.
(FYI, After this blog post I am driving to Key Biscayne to swim!)

 Just looking a little bit beat up from the slow swim!

1:17.29 (19.2 mph)

It was a great bike for me.
 Especially considering half way through the course it started POURING DOWN RAIN. 

This AZ girl had only ridden in the rain say 2/3 times in Arizona.
Since I have been in Miami I have ridden in the rain at least 7/8 times. 

The weather was perfect for the first loop and then I got to the top of a bridge and the storm started. It was pretty much the beginning of  my second loop. AND it only took a couple miles to convince myself that it was safe to ride fast. So I finally picked my speed back up, but I will still a bit nervous.

Other than that it was good, my goal time was 1:15, and with the rain I am 110% happy with my time! I'll take the extra 2 minutes and have my "safe" ride! 

52.18 (8:25 min/mile)

Every. Single. Run. I. LOVE.
Whatever my hip fracture did to me mentally it's still there. I want to cry during every pain free run still! hahaha

The run was pretty uneventful other than my shoes being #COMPLETELY soaked thanks to that wonderful storm while riding. The rain was pretty much done by the time I started running again so even though the sun was back out... my shoes where soaking and the pair of socks I brought... soaking. 

SO I decided to not waste the time with socks and just slipped my shoes on and took off! 
My feet still have a couple sores on them. I guess I need to get a pair of race flats for my Miami adventure Tri's!  :)

The run was evenly split... don't assume I did that on purpose! Hahaha, I have one speed right now and that is my 8:25's. I hoped to be able to push it just a bit more and finish in 50 minutes but body/mind/spirit wasn't buying it. I need to work on "pushing"myself beyond comfort. 

TOTAL TIME 2:47.01
6th/36 AG
38th/302 OA

I would recommend this Tri times eleven!! 
Loved the whole ferry idea. Loved the two loop bike course with 8 "climbs" #FLclimbingisbridgecrossing. Loved the run along the ocean. 

I love me some Miami!
Looking forward to my next, IRONMAN MIAMI!!

Sep 13, 2013

Anthem Sprint Triathlon 2013

Last year this was my first triathlon. 
This year... I was going MIA.
Yep, I am moving to Miami! #noteinowliveinmiami

Knowing this tri was towards the end of the month I thought it would be the coolest going away party ever! Who doesn't want to #swimbikerun with their friends?!

The race was Saturday. I was leaving Tuesday! Perfect!!

The day started out nice and early as they always do for race day!
The only concern I had that morning was the POURING RAIN.
Being from AZ I had never actually ridden in the rain... plus the thunder and lighting... there may be no triathlon, it might turn into a duathlon... and yes that is was happened. 


My Cholla Chicks and I before the start!

The rest of the Tribe crew!
These are the best teammates a girl could ask for.
I will miss them so effin much! 

5k ~ 23:40

The run felt good. I was pushing, as usual, but I could tell that my training had not been fast. Recovering from my hip fracture I have discovered I feel everything. I have to admit I am still nervous about running because it makes me so much more aware of my hip.  Being off for 6 weeks really messes with you. I do not want to get hurt like that again. #evereverever

BUT this run was good...
I tried to stay with the front pack but after mile 2 they pulled away and I was chasing them the last mile with a couple of the girls still in sight. 

20k ~ 40:47

We all know how I love the bike right!? :)
I am getting stronger but I still struggle with cycling. 
Transition... GOT IT!
Cycling... Imma get you!! 

Check out my sweet new LG Vorttice Aero Helmet!

The course was three loops.
You get a little hill climb then a nice long decent where you get to fill your need for speed! 

 Since it was raining and lots of water on the roads there were quite a few crashes, thankfully I kept the rubber side down and so did all of my friends. Would have been nice to have a perfect day so I could have pushed my butt on the bike a little more and swam too but hey... perfect is overrated right!? 

I came in 4th overall. I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed.
I really wanted top three for this small race but my cycling and running just didn't cut it that day. 
OF COURSE I was more than happy to be out there racing. That's what it is all about and anyone who has ever been injured knows that!!!

I love triathlon, I want to race my best! 

1st Age Group

Here are some random pictures from the race. 
I am going to miss all my people #soeffinmuch

Love this race! It is super fun and put on by the awesome 4PeaksRacing crew! They are rockstars and know how to run these things!

Thank you to MY TRIBE.
I will miss y'all and I will be back! xoxox

MIA for now 

Aug 2, 2013

Barb's Race 70.3 - 2013

Last week this time I was at packet pick up for my first 70.3 distance. 


Full of nerves and excitement I went through the pre-race meeting and picked up my timing chip/numbers and all that fun stuff that makes the tri world go around! 
Gotta calm those pre race jitters eh?! hahaha

Once we sat through the pre-race meeting we went to go set up our run transition.
Yep, a day early... I was a bit nervous about leaving my shoes and nutrition in the sun all day but I got over it and left it all there and hoped that no one else wore a size 11! hahaha :) 

We got up super early, ate some yummy oatmeal 
#iamnotahugeeaterinthemorningsothiswasatask ... 

Since we had an amazing house in walking distance of the race start we took our bikes down when transition opened, set all the gear up and headed back to the house to stay warm and get ready.
Transition opened at 6am... race started at 8:30
If you do this race, get a house close to the start, IT WAS AWESOME!

Before I knew it I was down at the shore... 
and they were telling the YELLOW CAPS to get in the water!

1.2 miles - 38:46
Going into the swim my goal was 35 minutes. I don't know why I was SO SLOW?!
Just didn't ever get that gliding in the water feeling.
The water was perfect, not too cold or warm.

T1: 3:29

56 miles -3:13
Going into the bike my goal was to get right under 3 hours. 
ONCE AGAIN I don't know why I was SO SLOW?! Hahahaha, NO I KNOW.

This course is beautiful! 
You go up and down hills in and out of wineries and through amazing beautiful land! 

I felt pretty dang good the entire time. 
I would take a Power Bar Gel and then Hammer Perpetuem Solid every 45min... going back and forth with these two nutrition supplements I felt amazing and my tummy loved me. 
I continued this throughout my run too. #NOTE- Hammer Perpetuem is AMAZING! 

If you haven't tried it you should :) I also had the yummy Skratch in my two bottles and filled up with plain water after they were gone. 

The roads were bumpy, but I toughed it out and stayed in aero as much as possible. 
Rosalita and I enjoyed the down hills where we got to FLY!

T2: 4:03

13.1 miles - 2:04

Going into the run my goal was 2:10. 
I seriously had no idea if I was going to be able to run without pain.
Stupid hip fracture had me so scared. SO ScARED.


Omg, I was SO HAPPY. I started crying around mile 3.
I had to tell myself to shut up and save my energy cause I knew I was going to need it.
My longest run was just over 4 miles. I probably was not "ready" to run this half BUT

The best thing about injries is coming back from them. 
I WAS SO grateful to be out there that I couldn't focus on the pain of running/cycling/swimming.
I was able. 
My hip is healed.

I may have danced and smiled A LOT!! 

About a half mile from the finish line I spotted a girl with age 25 on her leg.
I caught and passed her... In my mind I was wishing... #wishingforhertohavebeenin3rdplace
BUT she was in 5th...
5th in my Age Group
48th Overall
70.3 - 6:04.37

That was a sprint finish. That girl did not want me to beat her.
Gotta LOVE it. I know I freakin do! 

Love this picture of Barb (yes, Barb of Barb's Race) placing my metal on my neck.
I love that she is there to watch us finish and give up our race metals! 

SO happy to be DONE!

After I finished everyone else started coming in too... 
I LOVED getting to watch all my girlfriends cross that finish line!

Baby Myles was tired from all the cheering! 


We finished the night with a PIZZA MUMU PARTY!
Compression and mu'mu's go together like 
peanut butter and jelly!!! 

This was SUCH an amazing race. Very organized and the volunteers rocked it!! 

Miami 70.3 here comes Mandi with an "i!"