Feb 1, 2013

Responsible training. #imtrying Bye bye January!

January in review...

Not bad, but not great. Seriously my running should be WAY MORE.
Ugh. It's frustrating seeing my volume go down so much.
Being sick.
Being lazy.
Too cold... etc.

I am learning how to add two sports into my regular training.
I'll get it. 
Just need to keep chuggin' along.

January moments you missed 
if you don't follow me on instagram:

Sunrises at Eldo Pool

Miss Mouse and I lovin' on one another

Yep, that's Joe Montana! 

Changing my first tube by myself! #gotitdone

Love my sweet sister. #morethanbacon =D

Good times with these two. #lovelovemybirdyandherman

Look forward to LOTS of race recaps this month!!
The season of racing has begun!!


Are you ready to race? 
What's up next on your calendar?!

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