Apr 16, 2013

Leadman Tri 125 Tempe 2013 - Jobing.com / Tribe Multisport Relay

So a couple weeks ago my cycling team Jobing.com/Tribe sent out an invite for a relay team for Leadman Tempe... They had a runner & a cyclist... swimmer wanted.
I do not call myself a swimmer.
I am a swimmer in training though.
SO I threw it out there I would do it if they couldn't find a real swimmer.

Which of course means I SIGNED UP! hahaha
2.5k swimabout 2500 meters... hmmmm, I do that every Monday, let's do this!

I predicted I would finish around 50min give or take.
As long as the wetsuit and Tempe Town Lake didn't freak me out!

SO last weekend I rented my wetsuit and tried it out at Bartlett Lake with a couple friends
It went well and I was "ready" as I could be!

Sunday morning we were ready to rock it!!
Waiting in transition with my Chollas Amy & Erin...
ERIN did the full 125k Leadman by herself! #studrockstaramazingfriend 

Erin and I ready to SWIM!

I don't look nervous do I?

Silliness makes the nerves go away!

54:15 - 2:10 pace
So, if you are not from Phoenix you might not know about the Tempe Town Lake plague  My friends had me scared about swimming in this super unnatural "lake." Everyone gets sick after swimming in it.
I am calling BS.
The water wasn't GROSS... I am still alive and not sick two days later...

So the day before I volunteered at the USATCN13
SO thankful. It got me ready to jump in.

Sunday morning I wasn't SCARED!
Just a little nervous, normal pre-race nerves =D

Once I was in the water I felt pretty darn good. 
I told myself to swim til the turn around point then see what I have left and push it. 
That plan worked out nicely. I never felt panicky or anything... which was SO NICE.

I told myself to not look at my watch too cause I didn't need that pressure.
All and all it was a good swim. AND GREAT practice... 
I am totally going to kill Barb's Race in July!


Once I was out of the water... I passed the timing chip to our awesome cyclist Laura!

68 miles in 3:13!!

The our amazing runner Amy went out and fought with the heat!
She finished in 1:27

with a total time of 5:38.29
Great job team Jobing.com/Tribe

So being the swimmer I was pretty energetic and rested by the time everyone doing the full event was done so I continued my theme of photo bombing from the previous day! 

Thanks for working hard out on the course Heidi!

The Jones & I!
Finally met them IRL!

THIS was the highlight of the day.
ERIN finishing her first #almostkindalikehalfironmandistance
LOVE my baby gurl.

Poor Erin... I made her walk up a hill to take this picture... 
whatever she just did Leadman 125!

These are my Cholla Chicks!
I love them, they make events SO MUCH FUN.

Keep on TRIing ladies & gents!

So much fun! Relays are nice when you are the first one up... 
see my SOMA recap for the ugly running part of a relay team!

Love that my super awesome cycling team Jobing.com/Tribe ALWAYS does these relays! Such a fun way to be a part of the longer events without doing all the training!

Apr 15, 2013

USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals 2013 - Volunteering!

One of the best parts about being on a team is the opportunities that pop up!
Our Tribe Tri Team decided to help out at this event! 
This is an event I didn't know about. At. All.
What college kids do triathlon... #duhhhhhmandi

  So we gathered 20 of our closest friends and headed to Tempe Town Lake! 

Part of our awesome volunteer squad!

The "boys" got the hard part of the job... 
pulling all the athletes out of the water

While the rest of us... DANCED!

One of the coolest thing about this race is all the team spirit!
You don't really get that at regular races since you are in it for yourself...

The USC Trojans! 

Tri Cat girls warming up!
Wish I would have been a part of this team at UofA!

The boys raced first so they were all relaxing as the girls got their turn to race.
I of course took advantage of photo bombing...



Apr 11, 2013

Tour de Mesa 2013

This was a super fun and well organized event!
Also, it was my first 70 miles!

My team Jobing.com/Tribe signed up to ride for Miracles in Motion for Phoenix Children's Hospital.
It was super cool getting to ride for a cause and think of the little guy, Ty, we were riding for as we went along. 

I went to packet pick up Friday and was happy to see that I had a pretty darn lucky number!
I knew it would be a good ride!

Saturday morning, bright and EARLY, start time was 6:15am, we headed out to Mesa! 
And took our spot in the portapottyline! hahaha

This is the second "tour" I have done, my first one being Tour de Scottsdale, I have to say I enjoy them! I like just going out and not "racing" but still pushing more than I would normally? #maybeialwayspushalittlemoreinagroup :) 

I was super good about my nutrition and took my gels/chews right on time and felt pretty darn good the entire time! Unlike my "epic" ride where at the end I was so pissy I could have punched someone!
Calories are important in riding... lesson learned the first time! Woo-woot!

The only thing about this ride I didn't like was how many crashes we saw!
Thank goodness we did not crash but I swear before mile 25 we saw at least 5 or 6 people down.
Scary stuff!! Makes you remember to be SUPER careful when you are riding with people you are not used to... never know what will happen.

The day was beautiful and really never got HOT. Thank goodness!

Around mile 50 we got to take a nice long climb...

By the time we were done... my legs felt it!! 
We finished in just under 4 hours! 
3:59.34, an average speed of 17.6 mphs! 
#mygoal #yay
#mycyclinglegsarecominaround #icanfeelit

Thank goodness for friends that like pain... cause it helps to have all the support you can get! 
Erin is my rock!
She is so strong and I LOVE riding with her!

Look at that smile... only 70 miles, COME ON!

Me, Amy, Mindy & Erin

Apr 1, 2013

Vistancia Sprint Triathlon 2013

 Remember like MONTHS ago I needed a new saddle...
I finally picked one! 
Grabbed it along with my packet Friday night before the race! 

I went with the Selle Italia Gel Flow; super awesome comfy saddle! 
They have an AWESOME test program... 
you can basically test any saddle out so you don't have to just look at reviews and guess! 
Plus everyone there is amazing and helpful, a true locally owned boutique triathlon store.

So, racing. I like to do it. I like to do it well.
I had some pretty good goals and I knew the bike was a little ambitious but I wanted to push myself
Swim- 6min
Bike- 53min
Run- 23min
with a total of 1:25 with 3 min for transitions 

Actual Times: 

Swim- 5:54
Bike- 57:36 (includes both transitions)
Run- 23:09
TOTAL: 1:26:39

The swim 
300 yards - 5:54
Avg 1:56min/100m
I was probably the 10th or so woman in the water... 
Pool swims starts are fun! Hahaha, it was good motivation to swim fast... 
I didn't want to get lapped!
I felt pretty good... I still get a bit too excited and can't breathe properly
Plus this pool swim was swim 150yd - get out - swim another 150yd

This was my first non reverse sprint... I think I like them!! =D
Running from the pool to the bike was fun & it was a bit further than I thought it would have been... again I should have paid more attention and knew that! #imstilllearning 

The bike
16.5 miles - 57:36 
Avg Speed 17.8 mph (including both transitions)
I need to cycle more. 
I was only about a minute off of my goal time but it was hard. I know it is suppose to be hard but I just need more hours on the saddle. I know it will get better #patiencemandi 

Even though I was struggling not that many women passed me, only a handful, which gave me hope... I can run! I was gonna catch them as long as I could keep peddling! 

The run
3.1 miles - 23:09 
Avg pace 7:26
So this is probably my 5th time ever running after riding a bike. HAHAHA
The first mile was tough, I started out and felt cramps right away so I downed a gel right when I saw
the first water station... and when I say I downed a gel, 
I mean I squirted it ALL OVER MY FACE AND KIT. 
I wasn't gonna slow down to eat a gel so I had to pound it! AND since I wasn't sure where the water station was until I saw it... well the gel went everywhere! heeheh

After that the calf cramps basically went away and the next couple miles I just said to myself this is it, almost over. 3.1 miels.... NADA. Just freakin' push.

Not one person pasted me on the run but I was smokin' the girls. About .25 miles from the finish I saw one more girl in front of me. I wanted her. My legs said no. BOOOOO

Crossed the finish line and felt pretty dang good! #score

TOTAL TIME: 1:26.39
11th Overall Woman
3rd Place AgeGroup

 #happymandi & #happyjulie

By the time the awards were done... it was getting hot again. 
Someone had the idea to jump in the pool & get a team picture!